The presence of lightning allows analysts to detect the likelihood of severe weather events. This knowledge can help everyone to stay safe and plan effectively for work and recreational scenarios that will occur outdoors or require travel. It’s important to understand the nature of lightning and how studying strike data through lightning detection equipment can help you be prepared.

Lightning is the result of electrostatic discharge that occurs due to friction between water molecules bouncing around against each other in clouds. The friction causes a negative charge in the base of the cloud that is attracted to the positive charges of surrounding clouds, the ground below, or even within the cloud itself. A discharge of electricity that allows the energy between these opposing charges to equalize by connecting them is defined as lightning.

How Does Detection Technology Help?

The majority of lightning is localized within clouds, but utilizing lightning detection equipment to document these occurrences aids in the prediction of several other weather phenomenon.

  • Lightning strikes on the ground
  • Hail and heavy rain
  • Thunderstorms
  • Tornados and other high winds
  • Flash floods

Sensors assist with the collection of data pertaining to in-cloud lightning activity all over the world. This makes it possible to know when and where storms and associated weather patterns are most likely to form based on the specifics of the electrical activity in the area over a certain period of time. Information gained from such analytics can then be passed on to aid in the making of decisions regarding business, sports events, or other activities that could be affected by dangerous weather, including emergency services.

How Can You Prepare?

Contact us today to get set up with up-to-date weather prediction services. Take advantage of our technology and the best outdoor weather station in order to have access to lightning detection data that applies to your area. Have the information at your fingertips to know when disaster, even lightning, may strike.