Today it is easier than ever to work as digital nomads from our laptops while traveling the world.

And not only is it easier than ever to just work from our laptops while travel, it’s also easier than ever to actually run our own online businesses while we travel as well.

But of course, one of the most important elements of running any business is to market and advertise that business, and just because you’re traveling a lot doesn’t give you the excuse to no longer advertise. If anything, marketing and advertising will need to become an even bigger priority for you.

Here are the top strategies for marketing your business while traveling the world:

Email Remains Your Best Marketing Option

Maybe it’s a cliche to say, but the simple fact remains that email marketing remains your best marketing option because of the close relationship that you will be able to develop with your customers.

If your business involves you selling a physical product, then having an email list is even more important because you’ll have an entire list of hundreds if not thousands of people who you know will be instantly interested in whatever it is you want to sell.

Run Your Social Media Campaigns On Auto-Pilot

Social media outlets remain another prime opportunity for marketing, from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram and even to Linked-In.

Most business owners understand this, but far fewer of them are willing to set aside the time to run and update their social media pages everyday, let alone know how to effectively run a social media campaign to begin with.

For this reason, you could consider hiring someone to run your social media campaigns for you so that everything is automated. All you’ll really need is a remittance service such as Remitly to send money to your workers, and you’ll be all set.

Have A Blog

If you go to the website of any online business, you’ll notice that many of them will have blogs that they update regularly.


Because having a blog provides you with an excellent opportunity to rank your website higher on search engine results pages like tool review. Many people could end up finding your website through your blog, for instance.

Furthermore, running a blog filled with valuable and unique information helps to establish yourself as an authority figure as well, and people may feel more compelled to buy your products from you if they feel they can trust you as a result of that.

As with your social media campaigns, running a blog is also something that you can automate by delegating the work to someone else if you are not a writer yourself.

Marketing Your Business While Traveling The World

There are many more strategies that you can use to market your online business while you travel the world, but the ones that we have covered here today should give you a clear idea of what advertising your business while you are on the move will entail for you.