Are you a private tutor who is struggling to build up your work?  It can be tough at times being a private tutor because work can be seasonal, based on when kinds have exams coming up and when their parents are most concerned about their grades.  What you really want to be doing is tutoring, not posting leaflets through or spending your money on advertising. Here’s where a tutoring app can come in handy.  What can a tutoring app provide for you as a private tutor?

Advantages of a Tutoring App

As a private tutor you register on a tutoring app, fill out your details to show how much experience you have in your subject area, and what qualifications you have as a teacher.  You provide your availability on a calendar and also the distance you are willing to travel to tutor. Once your profile and schedule is set up you’re then ready to receive tutoring requests via the app.  Potential students and their parents can review your profile and decide if they would like to request you. They may ask some questions first to understand a bit more about you and get to know you better.

Your tutor sessions are set up for you through the app so all you have to do is review your schedule each day and turn up at each location to carry out your tutoring work.  No need for you to be texting back and forth, taking phone calls or waiting for confirmation, its all done through the tutoring app.

After your sessions with your student they will rate you and the work you did with them.  This ranking will allow other students to see how good you are as a tutor so you will start to see other students requesting your tutoring as well.  Soon your tutoring schedule will fill up and before you know it you will be doing as much tutoring as you wish to do.

The other great thing about tutoring apps is that you will get paid via the app.  Rather than having to collect money, chase payments, set up bank transfers for each student, the student’s parent connects their payment method to the app so every time you complete a student’s tutor session their payment is made to your bank account, no hassle.

Many tutoring apps also have chat functions which allow you to communicate with your students and their parents outside of the tutoring sessions, so either you students can ask questions about the work you’ve done, or left them to practice on their own, or you can communicate with the parent about the student’s progress and discuss what to cover in future sessions.

You may even find with a tutoring app you get on demand sessions, quick one-off sessions with individuals who need help with a certain subject or who need help revising for an exam that’s coming up.  This may lead to ongoing tutoring or perhaps recommendations to their friends to get your help with their work as well.