So many things happen during college. It is easy to end up not having time to do everything that you have to do, including studying as you are distracted by frat parties, football games, writing essays, studying, reading and so much more.

What is interesting is that time management is a really popular topic, with hundreds of books written about it. However, at the same time, most people deal with time management problems. This paradox happens due to the fact that we are naturally inclined to listen to those we trust, but what works for some is not what works for others.

If you are a college student, you surely want to try all that you can. The following suggestions were proven to be highly effective for many so you do want to consider them.

Acknowledge Priorities

When you initially chose your college, you did so by reading articles like AMDA reviews and learning all that you can about them. At the same time, you prioritized what you want to do. The exact same approach helps you to properly manage your time as you are a college student.

Priorities do change from time to time. Right now, it might be spending time with the person you love. Later on, it will be studying for the big exam that is right around the corner. No matter the case, when you establish priorities, it is so much simpler to choose what you have to do now and what can be postponed.

Try To Plan Ahead

There is a reason why you receive a syllabus from your professors. It allows you to know exactly what is due and you can easily plan everything in order to finish assignments, all while maintaining social activities and social life.

As an example, let us say that your essay is due in 3 weeks. During this time, you also need to go through 2 exams, attend regular classes and go to some football games and parties. Schedule study time and writing time as you attend those social events. When you do not plan, it is easy to forget to study.

Selectively Multi-Task

We are nowadays used to multi-tasking because there are so many things that we do every single day. The problem is that when it comes to studying, you should never multi-task. The best thing you can do is to schedule uninterrupted time when you will not be disturbed. This is what is needed during studying. If at any point in time you are distracted, your concentration is ruined.

Understand Your Limits

So many students say they have enough time available and just study the night before the exam. This will work in the beginning but eventually, you will be worn out. Every single student has limits. It is vital that you understand what your limits are so that you do not exaggerate. Always remember the fact that you cannot do everything if you just push yourself to do as much as possible in a limited amount of time. Endless rush always leads to anxiety, worrying and many health problems, like migraines or hair loss.