(Image Credit: Instagram / Anne Thull Fine Art Designs)

They say clothes can make the man, but one could also say that the right accessories can make the clothes.

Most style-conscious women have their accents dialed in perfectly, and can bling themselves out well for any occasion with appropriate pairings of jewelry, handbags, scarves and other ensemble elements.

Generalizing, of course, many men may not go much further than being able to match colors and textures and tying their tie properly. Any jewelry pieces or accents often will serve more functional purposes, like a nice watch or a ring signifying a professional affiliation.

Cufflinks – An Often-Overlooked Accessory

However, one area where a man’s sense of style can shine subtly is in the area of cufflinks. Though it’s easy to see them purely as portable, interchangeable tools to keep dress shirt sleeves together, cufflinks also can provide a fun way to express oneself.

Or, as Best Products calls cufflinks, they’re “the one tool that every aspiring dapper gent needs” that can “make any dude look like a total boss.”

Cufflinks truly are a sign that the wearer is eager to look his best – they work with dress shirts, suits, tuxedos and really nothing else, and can be a perfect way to inject some personality into a rigid office dress code. Outside of work, they can also show that you’re ready to look your best on a night out on the town.

Top managers and vice presidents can show off their cufflinks to demonstrate that their style is just a little more distinctive than the rest of the staff. Fans of cufflinks also likely will love getting a unique pair as a gift, which could be handy if they’re normally a tough person to shop for. Think Father’s Day or even a groomsmen gift, where they can be used not only at that wedding but later in life.

One’s co-workers may not even know they’re there, especially if the jacket stays on all day. Only the wearer, will know, creating a fun secret and perhaps even an unexpected confidence boost.

Creative Cufflinks Ideas from Around the Web

A recent collection of cool cufflinks shared by Business Insider reveals that there’s something for just about every design aesthetic and price range, somewhere between stylish and subtle.

Anne Thull Fine Art Designs shows that designer cufflinks are great to show off an interest or hobby, such as tiny steering wheels, cars or rockets, sports equipment or even just cool lines, fun designs or bursts of color.

Designer Paul Smith even came up with a clever Pac-Man enameled silver cufflink combo for people who like games and/or ‘80s nostalgia.

For those who want to go even classier, cufflinks can be set with gemstones like pearls or diamonds, or blended with metals like gold or silver.

Finally, Neatologie assembled a collection of cufflinks especially for those want more in their accessories than just preventing floppy shirt cuffs, everything from functional USB drives to QR codes. If the rest of the bros forgot the bottle opener at the mixer, you’ve got everything covered.