One of the main problems that can affect would-be university students is finances. Many are in a situation where they need to refinance student loans and get into work as quickly as possible to contribute toward household income. Others simply don’t want to get into a lot of student debt, although there are student loan refinance companies that can help to keep borrowing costs down.

What about learning online?

For those that feel attending university on a full time basis simply isn’t an option, there is an alternative available. Online learning has become increasingly common over recent years, with many people now taking to the internet in order to study for advanced qualifications. This can be an effective alternative to going to university, although there are both pros and cons to consider.

So, let’s look at the upside of studying for a degree online through course providers such as the Open University. First off, you can generally pay for the fees in installments and they are a lot lower than standard university fees. This means that you won’t have to worry about debt to the same level as you would if you were studying full time. The other key benefit is that you can fit your studies around your work. So, you can take on a part or full time job to earn a regular income. Your studying can then be slotted in when you have spare time.

Studying online also offer a high degree of flexibility, as you can study from home and at times that suit you. If you have family or other commitments, this is ideal. It also saves you the inconvenience and time involved in travelling back and forth from an educational institution. The choice of courses available online these days is remarkable and you should have no problem finding something to suit your needs. With an accredited online university, you can gain a recognized qualification that will help you to secure a great job in the future.

So, what about the downside? Well, the main issue with online learning is that you need to be extremely organized. You won’t have the same structure as you would when studying at university. There will be no set lessons and times that you have to study, so you have to make sure you organize yourself and put in the hours. That said, there is plenty of support available in terms of dedicated tutors that you can contact and even student forums where you can network with other online students.

In short, eLearning is a very good alternative for those who want to boost their skills, knowledge and qualifications but cannot attend university fulltime.