Many children and parents are facing the facts this year. The course of COVID 19 has changed the school experience for many students. This means that parents like you have had to step up to provide any additional support to your student. It can feel daunting when your child needs help with their schoolwork, especially when you don’t have years of experience with tutoring and teaching like teachers do. If you’re unsure of where to turn next for your student’s math tutoring needs continue reading to choose the best-fit tutor for your child’s unique needs.

Talk with your child and teacher.

The first step to finding a tutor that works for your child is to speak to them and their teacher directly. Teachers are highly qualified professionals who can accurately assess if tutoring services would be of benefit to your child. Math teachers know the hard work that goes into every grade level of math from elementary school, middle school, and high school. They will notice if your child is struggling during remote learning. But, it’s your job to reach out to your student to ask if they would like a tutor to achieve the grade they dream of achieving.

Understand the struggle.

Math is reported as one of the most common subjects that students need tutoring. Be sure to discuss exactly what your child is struggling with. To get the appropriate math help they need you must find out what math course they’re taking and the subject matter. For example, you need to know if they’re having difficulties with pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, or calculus. No matter the subject area and level of math, specialized tutoring services will be able to assist your student effectively.

Use online resources.

The good news is that there are services and apps out there that are useful from the comfort of your home. The HelloThinkster app allows your student to access their online tutoring through an IPad or tablet which works perfectly with the current remote learning. There is also a Parent App where you can monitor your child’s time spent on their math class. Students are adjusting to this model of school work around the world, so remote access to high-quality math services is critical.

Consider private tutors.

Private maths tutors can help your student with test prep and bettering their understanding of the subject matter. Tutors at Thinkster know how to provide help so that math students succeed. Their elite math tutors will work closely with your student. During their sessions with these math tutors, they will work on math worksheets and hand-picked math lessons. In addition to this, your student gets private tutoring sessions with their respective tutor. This is incredibly important when your child needs specific questions answered or if they are struggling to solve a specific math problem. Together, they will come up with specific math goals.

These goals can be to improve their skills with word problems, ace basic math skills, or ease math testing anxiety. If you’re unsure if this service has the right tutors, let the parent reviews speak for themselves. One mother, Lisa, raves about Thinkster’s tutoring services. She tells how since tutoring with this company, her three children have improved on their standardized testing, and they also no longer say that they “hate math.” It’s stories like these that show how the caring and educated tutors at Thinkster can change your student’s relationship with math.

You can relax from your student’s first lesson with their new online math tutor. In no time, you can look forward to not only their improved scores and knowledge but also their confidence over struggle in this particular subject.