All of you might agree that choosing the right majors is crucial for students. Most students get overwhelmed while deciding on their majors to find the right career path after school. It is because they have no clue which career path is suitable for them. Are you the one who’s struggling to choose his or her majors? Well, you are not alone here. 

You may believe that pursuing a major in the field that interests you will land you a satisfying job. But what would you do when you get out of college and don’t find a job opportunity in your field of choice? Or worse, you see only low-paying job posts. While pursuing your passion is necessary, you can’t overlook whether your chosen major will get you lucrative job opportunities to attain your career goals. It is worth mentioning that high-paying careers offer sufficient employment and learning opportunities to professionals. 

However, if the topic interests you, then keep reading. Below, we’ve discussed a few majors that can help you to find a rewarding career with soaring earning potential.


Do you wish to work in the capacity of C-suite and become a successful business leader in the highly competitive business world? If your answer is ‘Yes,’ then choosing business administration as a major should be your go-to option. Every business, no matter its size and industry, requires an administrator to manage its operations. Students who wish to be a part of this field should consider pursuing an on-campus or online MBA degree program to gain industry knowledge and expertise to take their business career to the next level. The degree helps you sharpen your leadership and communication skills that set you apart from your competitors and assist you in making well-informed decisions. 

Some of the courses in business administration majors include finance, accounting, strategic management, economics, and marketing. Furthermore, a business administration major opens doors for various job roles, including administrative manager, logistics officer, business analyst, etc. As a business graduate, your primary job responsibilities may include the following:

  • Supervise business activities in the organization 
  • Keep abreast of new technologies and policies to improve efficiency
  • Communicate short and long term business objectives
  • Assess employee performance and budget activities etc.


Pharmacology majors help you study about drugs and medications and their effects on the human body. The core courses in this major include molecular biology, chemistry, physiology, and toxicology. It will help if you have good communication, critical thinking, teamwork, and attention-to-detail skills to follow a career as a pharmacologist. A Doctorate in Pharmacology or a related field is necessary to make a lucrative career in this field. 

As a pharmacologist, you can work in different work settings such as research labs or pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. With a degree in pharmacology, you might work as an academic researcher, biomedical scientist, clinical research associate, medicinal chemist, etc. Besides, your day-to-day responsibilities will include:

  • Carry out clinical trials and experiments to gain insight into drugs
  • Employ the latest technology to gather, interpret, and evaluate data
  • Write reports about findings and experiments
  • Study the effects of drugs etc.


Do you have an interest in learning about the oil and gas industry? If ‘Yes,’ we recommend you to pursue a major in petroleum engineering to understand the drilling methods and techniques to extract oil and gas from the earth’s surface. Besides, the subject will help you learn more about thermodynamics, geomechanics, reservoir designing, drilling and well completion, chemical kinetics, oil and gas processing system design, etc. 

You must possess strong mathematical, problem-solving, and analytical skills to be a part of this field. As a petroleum engineer, you might have to work long hours at off-shore sites. Also, the job duties of a petroleum engineer may vary depending on the type and position of the job. However, some typical job duties include:

  • Set up, design, and maintain equipment for the extraction process 
  • Devise efficient methods to extract oil and gas
  • Ensure safety and environmental regulations are met during extraction and drilling operation
  • Liaise with engineering and technical professionals to solve issues while ensuring that the project is on track
  • Analyze the quality and amount of oil by taking samples etc.


With the rise in technological usage, almost every industry employs computer geeks to help them with web and software design and database management. That is why pursuing a computer science major is in high demand in this modern digital age. You must possess strong creative-thinking, analytical, problem-solving, communication, and mathematical skills if you wish to succeed in this field. The topic of study includes system architecture, data structure, data logic, machine language, operating systems, and much more. 

Some of the job positions with computer science majors are software developer, computer system analyst, web developer, database administrator, network administrator, data scientist, etc. Besides, the following are the primary job responsibilities of a computer science major graduate:

  • Install and manage computer system and troubleshoot any technical issues
  • Use programming language to design and develop websites 
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and integrate new features
  • Create new computing languages etc.


If you have a passion for lending a helping hand to others and making a positive difference in people’s lives, you must pursue nursing as your major subject. With the rise in the aging population, the demand for nursing professionals is now more than ever. The field offers you to study anatomy, cell biology, chemistry, microbiology, nutrition, physiology, etc. You must be compassionate and hone critical thinking, organizational, and communication skills to stand out from your peers and advance your nursing career

The field of nursing offers vast career opportunities. Depending upon your specialization, you might work as a mental health nurse, nurse practitioner, nurse midwife, nurse anesthetist, forensic nurse, nurse educator, nurse administrator, etc. In addition, your profession may require you to work in various settings, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, care homes, government agencies, or private clinics. However, your typical job responsibilities would be:

  • Maintain medical records of patients
  • Provide pre and postoperative care to patients
  • Perform patients’ diagnostic tests and record any change in their condition
  • Collaborate with other healthcare professionals to provide the best quality care to patients etc.


Let’s admit it; the subject that you wish to study today will play a significant role in helping you attain the desired pay scale and job opportunities. However, when it comes to landing a rewarding and high-paying job, you need to meet the higher educational requirements and polish your skillsets. Remember, numerous majors can offer you lucrative job positions, and the subjects mentioned above are just a few of them.