The pandemic has altered life in many ways, including being able to attend church in person. Luckily, many Christian organizations are getting creative online.

Navigating church online may seem complicated at first, but it becomes easy once you’re used to it.

As more churches turn virtual, here are three ways that Christian organizations are connecting online.

1. Live Stream

Now more than ever, Christian organizations are taking advantage of online streaming. While historically they have only had to invest in a quality church speaker system, these organizations are now discovering that live streaming church services is a great way to keep members engaged even from afar.

Most churches are using either Facebook or YouTube to live stream, but there are tons of platforms. There are even third-party options specific to churches.

You’ll just want to make sure it’s user friendly and easily accessible.

Check out church web hosting services if you’re interested in finding more information on live streams.

2. Social Media Engagement

Another way that Christian organizations are connecting online is through social media. Social media is embedded in our lives as 3.8 billion people use at least one form of social media. Because of this, more churches are using it as a tool for recruiting and engaging with members.

At the bare minimum, consider establishing a Facebook and Instagram page for your church. Facebook can be an excellent tool for telling prospective members about your church and posting events. Instagram can be great for sharing photos of services and philanthropy.

Some other ways to use social media include resharing any positive posts members post online about the church. You can also give people a “peek” behind the scenes of what’s happening at church during the week.

You can highlight volunteers and let them “take over” the social media page for a day. This promotes engagement and reflects the types of people belonging to your organization.

3. Online Communities

One of the many great things about church is that it bonds people together. Besides everything else, churches are a social place. Recognizing this component, many Christian organizations are recreating this atmosphere through online communities.

Churches can do this through Zoom or Google Hangout meetings throughout the week. This allows for small group discussions that tend to bring people together.

You can also host bible studies online and create opportunities for members to discuss sermons with each other. This facilitates meaningful dialogue and bonds people to your organization.

It also boosts morale and provides a social outlet, especially for folks who don’t have other social activities right now.

Now You Know How Some Christian Organizations Are Connecting Online

Though in-person connections are difficult, there are plenty of online tools for churches.

Increased social media presence, live streaming services, and enhanced online communities are just a few of the many ways that Christian organizations are connecting with members.

Though there may be an initial learning curve, most of these strategies can be implemented effectively.

So why wait any longer? Try some of these strategies today!

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