Writing isn’t something that comes naturally to every individual. It takes plenty of time, energy, and effort to prepare a paper for a good grade. Many students resent writing because they lack the professional skill to do so. Therefore, we are here with some terrific tips to help you write in an hour!

Plan Your Time

Students often don’t consider this important, but planning your time is crucial. Many might advise you not to “waste” precious minutes preparing schedules. But let us tell you, it will save you plenty of time in the remaining hour. Know that you’re in a rush. If you don’t plan it out, there is no way you’re getting anything done before the deadline. Losing those marks isn’t a pleasant thought. 

So, instead of wondering, “how can I write my essay in 1 hour?” you should utilize these minutes in planning it out. It offers you more clarity as you move further with your written work. You will know which step is next, so you will not second guess yourself every step of the way. That is the key to success when you finish your work within an hour.

Always allot time-based on priority. Every step like brainstorming, writing, editing, or even proofing will take your time. Therefore, you must be smart enough to know the most crucial aspect and bring you more than a few minutes to finish.

It means you should be well aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Writing isn’t your most substantial bit will take you more time. If you haven’t finished your research, then at least 20-25 minutes will go through stuff related to the topic to write.

Read Extensively

You are short on minutes and have to finish your essay fast. Take a few seconds, take a deep breath and start skimming. Yes, you must read! No, just because you want to finish the work quickly doesn’t mean you skip the research. It would help if you had some knowledge of the subject before diving into writing about it. There will be no point in finishing the essay on time if it doesn’t make sense or you have entirely neglected the instructions. 

You can’t read every word correctly, but you should skim through several articles. If they are too lengthy, just read the abstract and conclusion to guide you through them. You can also go over the topic sentences of each paragraph of the research articles, so you know what it talks about in the paper. Now, use this information in your paper as a beacon of guidance. 

It will not be as effective as a well-read article, but it will work just fine because you are short on time. So, without wasting a single second, start with your readings, make sure you highlight the necessary bits to use in your paper, and save yourself the trouble of having to go back and forth as you write.

Find Quotes and Take Notes

Writing an essay quickly requires you to take plenty of notes. The good part is that you learn note-taking as a high school student, so it isn’t something new to handle! Once you’re done with your reading, it is time for you to take notes. Oh, and note-taking isn’t merely for readings; you can also make notes of your ideas and create an entire outline of where you want to use these. Wow! 

No, don’t worry, it isn’t consuming your time. Just make some bullets of what’s essential. Here is how you do it:

  • Give yourself 5 minutes to come up with ideas and note them down;
  • Take notes from all the readings;
  • Try not to proceed with more than ten to twelve notes;
  • Keywords work, don’t waste your time by writing long sentences;
  • Write which paragraph you want to add that point of note by adding a number next to it in a bracket.

If making notes with paper and a pen aren’t your thing, you can also use the notes app on your phone. Just type quickly, so you don’t lose them, and have the notes with you at all times as you work on your paper. You don’t have to waste precious seconds looking for a notepad or a pen. It’s all digital!

Write Well and Fast

Essay help is readily available online, so you can pay a small price for it and get yourself a superb paper. However, it isn’t always something that every student can afford. Therefore, you should rely on yourself here. Your speed needs to be a form of flash! There is no way you can slow down. 

Write as quickly as you can! Make sure you don’t add any irrelevant details here. Always try to write well. Please make sure there are no grammatical errors or avoid them as you go. Being fast doesn’t mean you go around using improper sentence structures or slang in the assignment. 

You will not gain marks because of your speed. It will only save you from missing your deadline and the wrath of your instructor. The quality of your paper saves the day in the truest sense. 

Set Aside Some Time for Proofreading

Proofreading is the ultimate grade saver! Students love to neglect it and submit their assignments without giving them a second thought. Well, that needs to change. Throw this habit in the bin and start proofreading. All you need to allot are ten minutes of your time, which can do wonders for you.

In our tips for faster writing, proofreading is critical because you can see if your paper flows well, remove grammatical errors, get rid of irrelevant details, and make sure there is proper punctuation. You might not realize it, but these minor errors can result in a massive loss of marks. And we never want that after putting so much effort into the work.

If you can’t do it yourself, you should ask a friend to read it for you and pinpoint some mistakes, but it has to be quick. Don’t be sluggish as you don’t have too many hours at hand. Following all this will help you achieve that top-notch essay in an hour that you dreamed of. Now, no need to stress out anymore. You have it all under control, thanks to the proofreading and editing.

Make sure you use these techniques to speed up your tasks. You will never have to stress over a short deadline because you can do it within an hour now. All it takes is consistency and effort. It might not always be what you expect, but you’ll surely save time and get the job done.