Become a Lawyer

Lawyers regularly get a bad rap. Certainly, there are unethical lawyers who may do unpleasant things to win, there are many more honest, hardworking attorneys who genuinely want to help people.

The legal field can be a highly rewarding career, with great pay if it might be the right fit for you. If you’re considering a career in law, here are 10 clear signs that you could make a great attorney.

1. You like to help people

More than anything, working as an attorney is about helping people. When someone gets injured in a car crash, he or she needs representation to secure compensation for medical bills and vehicle damage.

You can change such persons’ lives by representing them. If you get high off the feeling of serving others, this could be the career for you!

2. You enjoy mediating between two (or more) opposing parties

How often have you found yourself in the middle of arguments or even physical battles, trying to help both sides arrive at a fair and rational conclusion? You may not enjoy creating drama, and you would prefer to make it disappear. This is a key trait of a solid lawyer, and if you’ve got it, you may learn to love stepping repeatedly into the middle of legal disputes.

3. You love public speaking

Many attorneys spend quite a bit of time speaking in front of people. Sometimes it’s just a few people but sometimes it can be a huge crowd. If you’re nervous about speaking in public, you might want to choose a different career … although some attorneys specialize in doing the legal research and paperwork side of things.

4. You don’t mind endless hours of reading and study

You’ll need to have a great work ethic to keep up with the coursework that’s required just to complete your law degree. During your three to five or six years of school, you’ll probably spend more time in the library than anywhere else or any other time in your life up to then.

The study and reading don’t end after you pass the bar. You’ll continue to engage in research for your cases as you seek evidence and legal arguments to support your clients.

5. You enjoy arguing and trying to prove your point

Nobody is right all the time, but maybe you have a knack for presenting your position in a logical fashion, and you often end up on top. This is a talent many people don’t have.

It’s hard to put together a cohesive argument that convinces the other side or disinterested onlookers that you’re right. If you have it, flaunt it!

6. You’re not afraid to stand up for what you believe

This character trait is invaluable because you’re likely to handle cases that don’t have a lot of compelling evidence to back them up. When that’s the case, you must believe in your client and fight for that person as if his or her cause is your own.

You must be prepared to stand up for what you believe, despite constant negative forces who try to defeat your claims.

7. You’re a great writer

Writing is an essential talent among lawyers. You may not care about storytelling, but you have a knack for presenting logical arguments to support a claim. Your research papers are always detailed and logical. This is an integral part of winning cases.

8. You’re confident and competitive

Confident individuals tend to succeed in almost anything they do, but this trait is even more crucial in law than in most other careers. You’ll be under attack on a regular basis, and if you aren’t confident about your positions, you’ll not only struggle to defend your claims but also to attract clients.

You also need a competitive streak. You don’t have to be arrogant, necessarily, but you should feel driven to win. Without that level of motivation, you may not achieve the greatness an excellent lawyer deserves.

9. You have integrity

There should be no room for unethical lawyers in this field; sooner or later, they’re more likely to get disbarred than to succeed.

Integrity is essential in a successful law career. In everything from your law school homework to representation of clients, you should be honest and unafraid to stand up for what’s right, even when you’re feeling pressure from others.

10. You’re careful about whatever you say or write in any public setting

Are you the type of person that prioritizes proper spelling, sentence structure, grammar, and syntax whenever you write a social media post? Do you read and re-read the words before pushing “send” or “publish” because you want to make sure your point is not just accurate but authoritative?

Do you pause before speaking in social settings because you want to say the right thing?

If you answer to these questions is yes, you might have what it takes to be an attorney. Words are truly mightier than the sword in law, and if you have a knack for employing them to your advantage, you’ll make a great lawyer.

Rachael is a content writer at, who has written on a Ultimate Resume Guide, from colored diamonds to SEO software. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, sketching, cooking, and video games.