Education is the cornerstone of any civilized society and is crucial to how it functions. Getting the right education not only arms us with the basic skills needed to navigate through life but also to forge a successful career. Many jobs will need you to hold certain academic qualifications before you can start working. Nursing is one classic example.

One popular way of getting the qualifications you need is by studying online. This is no surprise when you factor in the convenience and flexibility that online learning brings. Studying online also allows you to work as you learn while also taking advantage of lower fees than offline courses charge.

The first step towards your online school education journey is the application. But what goes into this?

Fill out the initial inquiry form

The first step towards an online education usually begins with an inquiry form. The good news is that this is normally available to complete and return digitally at most institutions. The Wilkes NP program shows how this works, as it comes with an online inquiry form to complete. This is great news for potential students as it makes inquiring about the course with Wilkes quick and easy.

It also means you do not have to fill in paper forms or post them back to find out more about their nurse practitioner program. Online inquiries like this are normally straightforward to complete and just ask for basic personal information plus which type of qualification you wish to study.

Speak to an Admissions Counselor

All universities and colleges will have what is known as admissions counselors. This is a role within an institution that helps a new student find the right online education course The next step after submitting an inquiry is usually to speak to a counselor. This stage is very important, so you end up on the right course at the right institution. There are some great reasons to study for an online degree – but you will only get the most from it if you make the right choice initially.

Complete an application form for your chosen course

The next step after talking with an admissions counselor is filling in an application form for the course you have decided to take. Application forms for digital courses can be completed online and submitted in that way. They are more in-depth than the initial inquiry form and ask for more details about your previous education. After submitting your application, it will be reviewed by the relevant person at the institution. If they feel you meet the entry requirements, you will receive an offer letter to confirm your place.

All ready to go!

Once you have an offer letter through to confirm your place, you are pretty much set to start your online education journey (assuming you meet any offer conditions). All that is left to do now is prepare everything you need to begin learning online and get ready to have a fabulous time.