If you’ve ever spent real time in the Florida heat then you know the full power of central air conditioning.

It is the waft of cool air that smacks your face when you enter any convenience store from the hot, Florida sun. It’s the climate-controlled feeling in most Florida homes. In a word, it’s magical.

Have you ever suffered the indignities of a Florida summer without central air? If so, consider yourself a true survivor. For those who are used to central air, it’s easy to take for granted. It begs the question: how do air conditioners work?

Components of an Air Conditioner

The inside components of an air conditioner work together to pull hot air from a space and convert it into cold. This process is the refrigeration cycle. Refrigeration incorporates the following components:

  • Evaporator
  • Compressor
  • Condenser

How Do Air Conditioners Work

The answer to the question: how do air conditioners work starts with a four-step process. Air conditioning units draw hot air from inside to the outside, converting it into cooler air. Then the cool air pumps into the home replacing what used to be hot air. Genius!

1. Evaporator Coils Absorb Heat

The warm air inside your home collects through vents. This warm air runs over cold evaporator coils. A fan blows the air, cooling it and pushing it through air ducts in your home.

The refrigerant turns the air from a liquid state to a gaseous one, and it moves along to the compressor.

2. The Compressor Increases the Refrigerant’s Temperature

Once the air has gone from the evaporator coil to the compressor, the air is in a gaseous state. The gas compresses very tightly until the refrigerant’s pressure and the temperature raises. This preps it for the condensing process.

3. Heat Transfers Outside

The condenser exposes the hot refrigerant to the outside air. The air cools the refrigerant again moving it from a vapor to a liquid again.

4. Refrigerant Cools and The Process Repeats

The cold refrigerant is now pushed back into the house where it moves to the evaporator coils. Yup, the ones from step one. This process continues until your home reaches the right temperature. This is set by your thermostat. At which point, the AC turns off until it’s needed again. Pretty cool, huh?

Where To Go For Your Air Conditioning Needs

Could your home use an update when it comes to air conditioning?

Are you one of the poor souls in Florida still trying to function without central air conditioning? Whatever the case, you may be in desperate need of HVAC services for your home.

Consider this:

  • 87 percent of American households use air conditioning
  • Only 43 percent of households receive annual maintenance on their AC unit
  • Annual maintenance extends the life of your AC by 40 percent on average.

That means taking care of your air conditioning unit actually saves you money over the long-term–something to think about.

Final Thoughts

How do air conditioners work? Simple. The hot air cools through a system called the refrigeration process. This pumps cold air through air ducts.

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