While leaders have begun to discuss phased returns to work for some, the lifting of our social lockdown appears to be some way in the future. The world continues to turn, however, and birthdays and other life milestones are still happening and need recognition – celebration might be even more important in such difficult times.

Today we’re taking a look at the sort of gifts you can give under lockdown conditions, and ensure you can show your friends just how much you still care, even when you can’t see them.

Hobbies and Crafts

Friends who need to keep busy and feel a sense of accomplishment have a particular challenge to face in this time of enforced inactivity. Whether they have a birthday coming up or not, it might be a kind (and helpful gesture) to help them with a project or hobby they’ve taken up.

An art craft box, crafting subscription or simply a well chosen bundle of materials, supplies and equipment can help your friend keep busy and creative during this lockdown, while also demonstrating how much care and how well you know them.


One of the problems many of us are facing is time stretching out in front of us, featureless, with our normal milestones and activities that provide structure and texture in a week or a month unavailable.

Giving a subscription gift – monthly or weekly – is a way to help a friend by restoring some measure of structure, albeit in a new and different way! Whether it’s a subscription to a magazine or periodical, a regular delivery of premium coffee or artisan cheese, or a craft or hobby based subscription like we described above, you’re not just giving the gift itself, you’re also giving someone something to look forward to and enjoy, lending shape to this empty time.

A Night Out

Thanks to takeaway apps and digital delivery of films, you can gift your friend the experience of an evening at the cinema. While they remain at home, you can order them a favourite meal, and share access to a film, be it a new release that’s coming as a direct download to homes, or an old favourite.

This doesn’t have to be an expensive option, but it does allow you to show off lots of thought, and even share an evening with your friend if you’re stuck apart from one and other – through video call, you can eat together, watch the film together, sharing old jokes as you go, and enjoy the closest possible equivalent to a date or a night out under our current restrictions!