Spring is in the air, and with the world on lockdown right now, even more people are sitting at home thinking about how they can tidy their home and get it ship-shape and ready for the summer.

Did you know that 91% of people practice the art of spring cleaning?

The question is, where do you start? What is the best way to get your house tidied in the best way? There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to how to clean house, but there are some hints and tips that can certainly make the entire process not only easier but even enjoyable.

Keep reading now for ten of the very best tips to help you get your spring clean up rolling and have your house ready for the summer season.

1. Wash Your Windows on a Cloudy Day

Nobody likes streaky windows. There’s nothing worse than cleaning your windows to sit down and find them covered in streaks. A good deep house cleaning tip to avoid this is to wait for a cloud day.

Not only do you not have the glare of the sun to obscure your view, but the cloud coverage will stop the windows from drying before you have the chance to do so yourself.

Of course, you still need to have the right window cleaning technique, but waiting for the clouds to roll in will certainly make things easier.

2. Don’t Over Clean Your Floor

When building a spring cleaning checklist you might want to add mopping the floor as a new regular thing to do. However, the reality is this could be doing more harm than good. Solid flooring should ideally only be mopped with a cleaner once a month and most.

Spot cleaning, if there is a mess, is fine, but try to keep the deep clean as close to monthly as you can. If you have carpet, the same would apply. Just pick one of these carpet cleaners and do a deep clean only when really necessary to help prolong carpet quality.

3. Don’t Forget to Wash Your Sponge

When thinking about how to clean your house from top to bottom, you will surely have a long lost of things to clean. Don’t forget to put your sponge on that list.

Many people overlook this, but that sponges you use also deserve a treat to help keep them clean, and thus more effective when used.

Simply wash them thoroughly and heat in the microwave for a couple of minutes, and they will be as good as new.

4. Dispose of that Garbage Smell

If you happen to have a garbage disposal unit, its easy to forget that this also needs a bit of TLC from time to time.

If you start to notice a bit of a whiff coming from the kitchen sink just pop in some slices of lemon, a sprinkle of sale and a few ice cubes and blend yourself up a wonderful spring cleaning cocktail that will leave your sink smelling fresh and clean.

5. Time Your Spring Cleaning Chores

Sometimes household chores can become a bit of a drain. You put them off and off until you have no choice but to organize a deep house cleaning spree. The trick to both avoid this and keep your house clean is to time yourself as you do various chores.

This serves two purposes. You stay focused because you are aware that you’re on the clock and that makes you work more efficiently. Secondly, by timing yourself you can see exactly how long it takes to do a task and will probably realize its a lot less than you expected, and therefore start doing it more often.

6. Steam Clean Your Microwave

A microwave is a great tool, especially if you want to grab something hot on the go. However, what happens is your microwave gets dirty. After a while, this can become quite the chore to clean.

However, if you add some water, vinegar, and a few drops of your favorite essential oils, place it in the microwave and cook for a few minutes, you are going to create a potent steam cleaner that will make wiping it down that much easier and less time-consuming.

7. Use Lemon to Clean Your Taps

Lemon is a wonderful cleaning tool. If you’re building a spring cleaning checklist, then cleaning your taps is going to be on there. This is one thing that can often get forgotten during the daily clean.

If you slice up a lemon and use it to wipe down your taps, you will find yourself with sparkling, water stain-free, stainless steel faucets throughout your whole home.

8. Seal Your Countertops For Easy Cleaning

Kitchen countertops can get very dirty and need to be cleaned properly. One great tip for keeping them clean and fresh is to have them sealed once a year. This means that for the rest of the time a simple wipe down with a cloth and some cleaner is enough to keep your kitchen surfaces germ free and healthy.

9. Give Yourself a Space for Organized Mess

Nobody is 100% organized. There is always clutter and those extra items you have but don’t really belong anywhere. One great tip to cope with this is to give yourself a dedicated space for clutter.

This could be a cupboard, a drawer, anything. But make sure that becomes your mess space, and then organize it as best you can. That way you have an organized space to put all those miscellaneous items that we accrue through the years. It’s also great then to just have one place to go through a clear out every now and then.

10. Put Your Dishwasher to Good Use

Most homes have a dishwasher. In fact, around 75% of homes have one. Did you know that you can use it for more than just dishes? When you are considering your spring cleaning checklist, make sure to consider cleaning your children’s toys, hairbrushes and other everyday items that often get used and overlooked.

You can run all of these through the dishwasher and get a good bulk load of items cleaned leaving you time to move on to something else. An efficient and cost-effective way of making sure your next deep house cleaning mission is a success.

It’s Always the Right Time for a Good Spring Clean Up

The term spring clean up is commonly used, but the truth is there is no need to wait for the right season to clean up your house. The above tips are also just as effective at any time of the year.

Keeping your house clean and tidy has many different benefits, from health and happiness to even impacting the value of your property should you decide that the time has come to sell.

What about once your home is clean and tidy? What comes next? Well, we have everything you need right here, so check out some of our other posts today. We’ve got advice and interesting articles on everything from business to health and lifestyle tips.