Whatever your project might be, it is in your best interest to get all the things that you need beforehand. Whether it be cooking or making a garden wall in your backyard, you should get the best materials suited for the job, 

Selecting a brick is one of the most critical decisions that you can take while making a wall. It will define the look and structural integrity of your whole project, and this is why you should not compromise on the bricks. Not only do you need to take into consideration their size but also their texture and price to see whether your project will be feasible or not. 

Most Common Types Of Bricks Available In The Market 

Clay Bricks

Best suited for people on a budget, these are very cost-effective yet sustainable options that require minimal maintenance in the long run. They can be made out of cement or lime and get your project up and running.

Wire Cut Clay Bricks

If you need a smooth texture so that you can paint over it, then a wire-cut or extruded clay brick is your best bet. The bricks are wire cut, and no changes are made to them before they are dried in the kiln. 

They usually have holes in their bed, so they take less time to dry and are lighter too. They also take less energy to be built in the first place. 

Soft Mud Bricks

If you are looking for a textured finish, then soft mud bricks are something that you cannot miss out on these. Not only are these mostly handmade, but it also leads to unique textures which look great. 

Handmade bricks

If you want to match the look and texture of the rest of the building or restore one, then handmade bricks are the best fit for you. They are, as the name suggests, made by hand, the old school way and you can get them in a variety of shapes and sizes. The regulation sizes of bricks have changed over the years, so there is a chance that you may need handmade bricks for the old building. 

They have a rough texture and can also be customized to your liking. The variation and bespoke nature are nice but usually, it costs 4 times more than normal bricks. 

Reclaimed Bricks

These are second-hand bricks that you can get from the reclamation yards. The main issue is that either you will not find the quality or the quantity of the bricks that you need. They are best for smaller projects. 

Concrete Bricks

Concrete is a tough material with a very rough texture, and they are very resistant to wear and tear and will also last you a long time. On top of that, they are resistant to rain and temperature changes. These are a great option for people looking to build something that will easily last 50-60 years. 

Types Of Garden Walls

In most cases, your garden wall can be decorative in a variety of ways.

Brick Wall

You can have an exposed brick wall that looks rustic and is great for your pocket too. One can have either a smooth texture or a rough one too.

Natural Stone Wall

You can get a semi-dressed stone and you can add that to the wall. These are uniformly cut pieces with a somewhat smooth texture. If you want smooth stones, they are called fully dressed stones and are machine cut for the best precision. 

Semi-dry Stone Wall

Usually, it is built by choosing stones that are stable and usually does not need mortar joints to keep them in place. Semi-dry has only a few mortar joints so that the structure is stable and easy to use. 

Dry-stone Effect Walls

These walls are constructed to look like dry-stone walls, but you do not end up spending a fortune on the real thing.

Start by doing some research for your wall or project – look at Krause Bricks for inspiration as an example. They are a great reference for commercial building bricks and residential building bricks for all project types.