Over time, fashion has evolved to be more than clothing – brands, designers and labels have moved away from simply offering garments, to producing items with a purpose in mind. 

Many fashion labels exist as purpose-led businesses, on a mission to combat social issues such as racism, homelessness, equality, and more. Garments and statement fashion pieces can be used to spark important conversations, raise awareness, and encourage education around otherwise ignored topics.

Supporting social enterprises or brands with purpose is important, so too is encouraging future generations to stand up for their values and beliefs. In Australia and beyond, one such example of this is learning and understanding the importance and history of Australia’s First Nations people. 

Clothing The Gaps is an example of a purpose-led fashion label – the enterprise is Aboriginal-owned and led, producing garments with meaning and uniting people through fashion and cause. Clothing The Gaps’ collection includes tees, hoodies and more, for all ages!

If you’ve ever wondered where you can buy your little one a tee to spark an important conversation, Clothing The Gaps is where it’s at. Premium quality Aboriginal-designed kids’ clothing can be hard to find but you can browse the full collection online or in-store. All generations should continue to learn about Australia’s First Nations people, the Country’s history, and prevalence.  

Clothing The Gaps

As an Aboriginal-owned and led business, Clothing The Gaps might just become your go-to for Aboriginal-designed kids’ clothing. Clothing the Gaps—a cute wordplay on “Closing the gaps” -has emerged as the new face in the garment industry. 

If you are looking for Aboriginal-designed kids clothing and you’re eager to contribute your bit towards Clothing The Gaps’ mission, then now is the time to shop, learn, support, and educate. The ethos of ‘closing the gap’ as an initiative lies in its objective to “close the gap” of life expectancy between Aboriginal and non-Indigenous Australians. 

The collection of kids clothing that Clothing The Gaps features is truly amazing. Here are two popular picks from this year that you can check out:

#1 KIDS ‘Always Was, Always Will Be’ Black Tee

This black tee-shirt, designed in collaboration with Carla Scotto.  Kids’ tees should be fun, and this creation is just that! 

#2 KIDS Shades of Deadly

Another great collection of black tees for kids is Shades of Deadly which is part of the Mob Only campaign collection. It’s a campaign that advocates for Aboriginal People and Torres Strait Islanders. This campaign was created to challenge stereotypes of First Nation people, create a platform for culture and a safe space for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to embrace their identities. 

Shop The Full Collection Online Or In-store In Melbourne (Naarm):

Clothing The Gaps opened its first flagship retail store in Melbourne on Wurundjeri Country which is open Monday – Sunday each week. Otherwise, you can browse the full collection of amazing, Aboriginal-designed clothing for all ages online. There are several collections, each with a purpose in mind – starting important conversations and educating the wider community. 

You can start small – with tote bags, caps or beanies (which also work out to be great gifts for others!) or you can shop tees, hoodies, sweaters and more. Each garment is meaningful and that’s what counts!

Over a short span of time, Clothing the Gaps has a Social Traders’ registration. It is certified as a Victorian Aboriginal enterprise with Kinaway Chamber of Commerce, Victoria. Moreover, Clothing The Gaps is the Aboriginal-owned business to be certified with Ethical Clothing Australia and Supply Nation. The enterprise holds credible certifications from government agencies and sticks to the highest standards of ethicality while conducting its operations.

If you wish to show your support towards Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-owned and led businesses, then Clothing The Gaps is where you should search for Aboriginal-Designed Kids Clothing in 2021. It’s a socially responsible kids’ clothing brand you can trust in terms of quality, design, and comfort.

Clothing The Gaps is not like any other social enterprise. They are a profit-for-purpose enterprise and have created a social impact arm of the business.