These are gifts that are entirely customisable and fit several items; A clever recipe to make sure that no one will match your gift and increase the chances that the recipient gets something they actually like and find useful. This is an idea that can sure make an impression when tied together in an attractive way with a cute box or basket and some nice ribbons. But even if you’re running late and have no time to deal with shopping and arranging, you can simply find a service that sells ready-made gift baskets to be delivered the same day.

If you’re stuck in a rut and don’t know how to put together the ideal basket for a friend, loved one or family member, this guide may be perfect to jump-start your creativity. From gourmet treats to tools, here’s a list of ideas perfect for a variety of people.

An Edible Gift Basket for Someone with a Sweet Tooth

They say that the easiest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, so, gift baskets full with choccies, cupcakes, lollipops, doughnuts and other types of sweets make a lot of sense, don’t they? Especially if you want to surprise someone with a sweet tooth.

You can also go an extra step and try to win their heart through their eyes too by getting a basket gorgeously arranged in a memorable way. For instance, if it’s a Christmas gift we’re talking about, consider arranging the chocolates in the form of a Christmas tree. If it’s Mother’s day or you want to surprise your Valentine, a bouquet made up of chocolates is sure to delight.

If you know what kind of chocolate is your recipient’s favourite, you can centre the hamper around that. For instance, they may love Lindt balls, Belgian stars or Ferrero Rocher. You can also take it up a notch by including their favourite drink whether that’s a type of beer, wine or scotch. Just make sure that you consider their diet and personal preferences, as well as any allergies. And don’t worry if you’ve got a vegan to choose for, you can also find some vegan-friendly edible gift options such as chocolates with coconut, almonds or dried fruit.

A Pamper Hamper to Kiss Stress Goodbye

Do you know a stressed-out new mummy, an overworked coworker, a college student or any other person who can definitely use some time off? Give them a pamper hamper consisting of little things that can help them unwind and forget about the stress. This can be a basket full of cosy items like warm fuzzy socks, luxurious bath bombs, a fluffy blanket, delicious hot cocoa, a good book and even a Netflix gift card.

You can also create an aromatherapy hamper consisting of the essential oils for stress relief. Unlike the other ideas I’ve listed, an essential oil hamper might have lasting effects considering that aromatherapy has proven to be pretty effective in taming chronic stress.

Handy Tool Kit for DIY Fanatics

Want to arrange for the perfect gift hamper for someone who loves to tinker around and create all kinds of DIY projects? Arranging the perfect gift for a passionate DIYer can be complicated because it’s hard to know what they need unless you’re familiar with their projects. However, there are some tools that can always come in handy.

For instance, a quality multi-tool from Leatherman is a great way to make sure that they always have the tool they need on hand without rummaging through their tool drawer. Just make sure that it includes the most commonly used tools such as pliers, a knife and some screwdrivers. You can also get them a practical claw hammer with one end for driving nails and the other for pulling nails out (even the most experienced DIYers can make mistakes).

Instead of using a basket, you can place all of that in a practical toolbox that they can carry around everywhere easily.

A Basket for the Person That Loves Baking

Many people have turned to baking as a way to pass the time during quarantine. From cakes to sourdough bread and focaccia – our social feeds were full of people’s (successful and not so successful) baking experiments. But perhaps you’ve noticed that one friend approached the baking trend too eagerly, and even once the enthusiasm of most people had died out, they kept tempting us with posts of their dough creations.

So, why not support their little new-found hobby with a hamper consisting of things that an amateur baker may need at home. They will certainly appreciate that you’ve noticed the passion they put into their efforts. There are a variety of things you can include. An oven thermometer will guarantee that they will always be able to achieve the desired outcome, especially if it’s some type of artisan bread that they’re making.

And since nobody likes a mushy cake, focaccia or bread with drops of condensation underneath, a cooling rack will certainly be something practical to receive. You can also include a few silicone bakewares that are non-stick and easy to clean afterwards. For instance, a silicone bread pan will allow for an easy release without damaging the appearance of the bread baked in it. You can also toss in some cool grabber mitts, cute flour and spice containers, a cookbook and even an apron which is a gift with a lot of potential.

A Plant Hamper for New Homeowners

When in search of a housewarming gift that you want to differ from standard options like bottles of wine and tupperware, then look no further than a plant hamper. You really can’t go wrong with a hamper centred around a plant for housewarming. Greenery is something that’s always welcomed in any home. And unlike other decorative gifts, you don’t have to worry whether the plant you’ve chosen will match their interior design or not.

Just pick one that sends a nice message, like for instance a Good Luck plant, and spruce it up with some extras such as choccies or small bottles of Australian craft gin. Get a gorgeous container for the plant and tie everything up with a nice ribbon and you’ve got yourself the perfect housewarming gift.