A jewellery box for a woman is like a palace of her own, a dazzling little treasury where a gift of necklace is cherished and a pair of new earrings is always welcome. So this time, try gifting her something which finds an unforgettable corner in her jewellery palace. And her heart! 

While different women have different tastes pertaining to the designs and materials of jewellery, there is one thing which is certain. That is, nearly every woman in the world loves jewellery. 

This is one of the reasons why jewellery from adinasjewels.com is one of those perfect gifts you can decide to give without giving in much thought. Besides, with the sweeping market of jewels and accessories today, it’s no wonder that you can easily get the pieces of your choice. Whether you’re looking from the angle of designs and quality, or from the pricing point of view, there is something for you. Just make sure you choose a jewelry shop you can trust, may it be local or online.

Below mentioned is an extensive list of some of the all-time popular and exciting jewellery gifts for women. Give it a quick read and tell us about your favourites.

  1. Pearls

Pearls are always appropriate. Be it a necklace of freshwater off-white pearls or a stacked jade pearl bracelet, pearls carry a subtle vintage feel with them in all designs. Besides, they look as well on women of all ages – young or old. Gift a set of pearl jewellery to a woman and add beauty to the glow and gorgeousness of what is already there in her.

  1. Charming Hearts

Accessories containing heart charms are pretty reminders of the college day sweethearts, the dates, the hangouts and the Valentines. However, when it comes to the real heart, it doesn’t really get any older than it was at that time.

Therefore, jewels containing heart shaped charms are nice ideas for gifting, especially to your better half or girlfriend. Whether you are 20 or 40, they will cast as much as magic on your woman. Just go for it!

  1. Statement Gemstone Ring

A statement ring is a great idea especially if you are looking forward to purchase something which goes well both casually and on special occasions.

While purchasing readymade, you can go for a stone cast in sterling silver or the one surrounded by diamonds. If you’re going for a bespoke ring, choose a fine-cut stone of good quality and get it made from a certified supplier. 

With many precious stones a woman can wear as accessories, one’s jewellery collection isn’t limited to diamonds alone. You can explore other gemstones and make them the centrepiece of a statement ring. For instance, a moonstone incorporated into a ring can bring a woman wearing it bright, feminine energy. Wearing one daily can help start your day with positive energy surrounding them. 

Aside from its healing properties, moonstone can be paired with different looks, thanks to its many varieties and colours. Depending on the occasion and energy you’d want the wearer to have, you can choose from the following moonstone varieties:  

  • Rainbow moonstone
  • White moonstone 
  • Gray moonstone 
  • Yellow or peach moonstone 
  • Blue moonstone or Cat’s Eye 

To complement the statement ring, you can consider finding a necklace, bracelet, and earrings made of moonstone. 

  1. Motif Style Fashion Jewellery

Motifs aren’t obsolete yet. Especially if a woman likes to wear more of traditional or ethnic style, motif style jewellery is a great gifting idea. From an exotic pair of peacock earrings to a temple jewellery set, there are many options to explore. If it is a gift item for some special occasion such as a wedding, a kundan choker with a starburst pendant is a great idea too.

Wearing animal-themed jewellery is one way to sport some motif-style fashion. From silver to leather, it’s important to wear animal-themed jewellery simply and subtly. If your recipient likes wearing bold animal prints in their jewellery, like a leopard print, you can also gift them simple fabrics without any overpowering patterns.  

Moreover, women like sporting bohemian fashion as it’s easy to create and comfortable to wear. From boho-inspired fringed necklaces to layered bracelets, they can seamlessly pair them with loose, flowy fabrics in earthy colours, mixed with elements like fringes and tassels, to complete a free-spirited look. 

  1. Silk Thread Jewellery Set

Silk thread jewellery is well known throughout the Indian region, especially the South. From bangles to kadas, from colourful chains to lush necklaces, from tassel earrings to silk thread jhumkas, there is a flavourful variety in this arena too. A glistening addition to the wardrobes of your women friends!

Another factor which makes this style a wonderful gift is its price. Let’s say if you’re holding a small reception party or a get-together for women, you can purchase silk thread accessories in bulk and give them as return gifts to the attendees. Also, a good idea for your female colleagues!

  1. Designer Metal Watch

Usually, women come with brilliant multi-tasking capabilities. Add ease to her time management with this special gift of a designer watch. Apart from helping her in daily life and workplace, the accessory will remind her of you every time she turns her wrist to check her schedule.

Gold and silver watches have been special since the time immemorial. Your grand mom might have one too. Apart from that, you can also choose watches made in platinum bands or the ones with diamond studded dials.

  1. Sterling Silver Jhumkas

No wonder, a pair of ghungroo-laden silver jhumkas has the ability to cheer up a woman as much as a bar of chocolate. Besides, when there are infinite designs to choose from, why hold back?

Saying this, a pair of jhumkas almost always finds a hazel space in a woman’s jewellery collection. If jhumkas are too common for you, try a pair of chandelier style sterling silver earrings instead.

  1. Rose Gold Necklace

Rose gold is an alloy of gold containing a composition of copper which gives it the necessary rosy undertones. While the pure yellow gold represents culture, tradition, festivity and heritage, rose gold is considered as a symbol of love. And thus, what better a bequest to your beloved than a romance-exuding rose gold necklace. Bonus, rose gold is known to be tougher than other varieties of gold!

  1. Crystal Jewellery Set

Drippy crystal drop earrings, fringing body chains and tempting hair combs are but some of the examples of the imagery a crystal piece creates. Besides offering a perfect party-ready wear, crystals are well known for their body healing properties. Ideal for gifting on birthday, rakhi, engagement ceremony and anniversaries. 

  1. Bohemian Style Chunky Accessories

Boho style is for all those women who are independent, carefree and are not afraid to live bold. For women like these, a bohemian style piece goes well on various gifting occasions. A chunky stacked bracelet and a multilayered necklace made with colourful beads and semi-precious gemstones are two good ideas.

  1. A Mixed Metal Piece

Mixed metal jewellery is an emerging trend especially with the metals such as gold and silver. If you are purchasing it as a surprise gift item, purchasing a single item is a better idea to go with. Since a mixed metal piece will be expensive and you never know whether the receiving woman is ready yet to wear mix metals.

  1. Handcrafted Button Necklace

A quirky idea to begin with. But also a terrific choice for a college girl gang or a creative business woman. In addition to the handcrafted feel that they offer, the potpourri of colours can add a flashy twist to her overall look. To go with it, you can also purchase a pair of button earrings and give them as a token of appreciation or expression of love.

  1. German Silver Chain Set

German silver is another fabulous variety of silver to explore. For your wedding anniversary, a chain set with a pair of dangler earrings is a wonderful idea. Usually, German style necklaces use rope style chains with an elaborate pendant. Add a bracelet too. And it becomes that gift a woman will feel delighted to receive.

  1. Initials Jewelry

Initials jewellery is far from the pinky days of college romance and all those hangouts with friends. In fact, these days you will see many top-spot celebrities celebrating this trend. You might spot a Bollywood or Hollywood actress wearing a pair of name earrings or perhaps a chain carrying their initials. 

Initials jewellery is generally available in every range of price and material. To make the gift more elegant and special, go for sterling silver. Diamonds are a good idea too.

  1. A Stack of Metal Bangles

When it comes to a stack of gold bangles, more is always preferred. Women love the clinky tones the bangles make as they dance on their wrists. They are obviously good for festival days and special occasions but even if you’re looking for a workwear piece, a stack of bangles isn’t a bad idea. For casual wear, bangles made in glass, lac, silk thread or faux wood are good ideas as well.

Closing Thought

Choosing a gift for a woman isn’t an easy task, especially if this woman is your sister, wife, mother or girlfriend. Each piece of gifting carries not just beauty but with it, plenty of memories and emotions too. While gifting her a piece of jewel, select a piece which is not just beautiful but meaningful as well. She is going to thank you for it!