To some women, the wait is always too long.

When it comes to getting engaged to the man of your dreams, is he keeping you waiting?

If you feel as if that is the case, have you dropped any hints to him?

Some women will drop hints, yet get no clear-cut answer along the way.

In the event you’re itching to get engaged, making sure you are both on the same page is crucial.
Given how important a commitment such as this is, you don’t want to have one person not ready for such a move.
With that being the case, are you ready to drop your man some hints?
Ring shopping is always a great start

So that your man knows you are serious about getting engaged, ring shopping is always a great hint to drop.

Whether you have your heart set on a morganite rose gold ring or another style, take him to a few jewelers.

Such visits should be free of pressure.

Don’t make him feel as if he has to buy you a ring on the spot. Remember, you are giving him some ideas of what you’d like should he end up proposing to you.

In ring shopping, be sure to visit many jewelers, including some who are online.

One of the great things about shopping online is there’s no pressure from salespeople. You can take your time and look at a variety of shapes and sizes.

In today’s digital age, more jewelers are also turning to social media to advertise and market.

As such, be sure to visit their different social networking offerings.

What to spend on a ring?

In the event your man is moving a step closer to buying you a ring, what is an appropriate amount to spend?
That is a question only your guy can answer.
That said make him feel comfortable with the ring he is considering purchasing for you.
Making him pay way too much for your ring could set him back . If that happens, that is less money to put towards other things as you both move forward together.
Keep in mind that most jewelers offer payment plans, making it easier to buy a ring without going into debt.
Also visit many jewelers, looking to see if there are any price differences.

Will shopping for a ring together ruin the proposal?

For many women, the surprise factor in an engagement proposal is everything.

But, what if you go with your guy to buy the ring together? Will that ruin any surprise factor for you?

Although you may very well know the engagement ring you will be receiving, when you get it is a whole other matter.

There have been countless romantic proposals over time. As such, be sure to leave your imagination open.

Finally, don’t pressure your guy into buying you a ring.

Not only is such pressure void of romance, it could send the wrong message.

If two people are to be together forever, things will fall into place.

With that in mind, are you waiting for that special proposal to come your way any day now?