The holidays are a time of giving, and, at the end of the day, no one’s going to give you a hard time about what you gave. It’s the thought that counts, after all.

Having said all that, if you’re like most people, you enjoy the “sport” of gift shopping – finding something just unexpected enough to knock the Christmas socks off that special someone. And sure, you can do that by spending a bunch of money, surprising them with a thousand dollar gift. Or, you can do it by thinking outside the box.

In the interest of finding the most unusual, yet awesome Christmas presents, this article has compiled a red-and-green themed list of presents. None of these gifts are conventional, but each will impress in its own unique way.

Red – A Monthly Meat Subscription Box

What says, “you are loved” quite like a monthly helping of red meat? If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of meat subscription boxes, they’re pretty straightforward: for a monthly cost, butchers will send you a choice selection of the meat they have on hand.

While not a conventional gift, this is definitely one that the recipient is going to cherish (unless, of course, they are vegan or vegetarian, in which case you can order them a vegetable subscription).

Green – Cannabis Infused Tea

With waves of cannabis legalization hitting the US, Canada and Europe, this green gift is definitely back on the table. But you don’t want to just gift wrap some dime-a-dozen dried flower; instead, give them the gift of curated cannabis infused goods like teas or edibles. It shows that you care!

Of course, when gifting any cannabis-related product, make sure you stay within local, state/provincial and/or national law, and keep the gift (wrapped or unwrapped) far away from any minors.

Red – A “Red Eye” Flight Vacation

Flights are generally expensive, but if you can get a deal on a red eye flight – that is, an overnight flight that supposedly causes your eyes to go red – then you can save some cash while still impressing. Find out where that special someone in your life wants to go, and then surprise them with this “red” gift.

To get you started looking for flight deals, check out a flight deals newsletter like Scott’s Cheap Flights or Skyscanner, both of which regularly post ridiculously cheap fares.

Green – An Environmental Charity Donation

Finally, with the recent waves of environmental protest, the earth is definitely on everyone’s minds. If you want to give that special someone in your life, that person what “already has everything”, consider donating to an environmental protection charity.

It can be difficult sifting through all the options, so take a look at this list of Earth Easy’s 10 best charities. There are a lot of fantastic options on the list.

Better yet, get that special someone all four of the above gifts. Meat and cannabis, vacation and donation – that sounds like the greatest spread of gifts ever compiled!