Whether you’re a contracting crew or a homeowner, hiring a demolition company needs to be a carefully decided process to ensure that the job is going to get done the right way, let alone be done at all. There are many things that you need to consider when you’re wanting to hire a demolition crew, and that being said we’ll get into those soon enough. At the same time, you want to know what to look for in your demo crew to be hired. In this guide, we’ll tell you all about hiring demolition companies in Melbourne, and even tell you the best one we’ve found – keep reading to get the best information possible!

Are You a Licensed Contractor?

No matter what country, state, city, or county you’re in, you need to know that the demolition crew is a team of licensed contractors, and everyone working for them should also be. The best demolition companies will also make sure that all of their employees are insured so that you don’t get charged outrageous fees for anything that could go wrong (it happens from time to time, but this is to protect them as well as you). 

What Kind of Job is This?

You need to consider what you’re needing demolished. It’s a very broad term. Some demolition contracts will be for entire demos, while you may be just needing to hire a demo contractor to help rip up concrete under your tile floor in the bathroom. Choosing the right job will help you get the best prices that you can get, and once you know what you’re wanting, you need to communicate this with the company.

Quotes Shouldn’t Cost Money

When you are asking for a quote, you need to run as fast as you can if someone says that a quote will have a cost attached to it. At the same time, you want to get the best price possible, so it’s important to ask about the various costs involved, from materials to time, as well as the removal of debris as well. The best demolition crews will have a full cleanup guarantees so that you aren’t left with the mess that is left behind. Some actually even offer services that allow you to recycle things that you want to keep as well, in case you’d like to take a hold on some of the junk that is left (copper, aluminum, etc.). All you have to do is tell them when you are wanting to hire them and the best companies will work with you.


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