If you’re interested in revamping your home, increasing its appeal, and improving its resale value, do so with home decor elements that are currently making a comeback. From rounded tables to plushy rugs, these items have the hallmarks of classic decor, which is why people do not seem to get tired of them for long. To learn about some of these comebacks and how to add them to your home, keep reading.

1. Try Curvy Furniture 

While Scandinavian furniture with straight, clean lines has a timeless appeal, wiggly furniture, which used to be popular in the 80s, seems to be slithering back into the spotlight. Choose from rounded sofas, chairs, desks, and beds. Including a few wavy, free-flowing shapes into a space can make it softer and more approachable, which can help you unwind. You could even combine this comeback trend with another for woven furniture by adding a few curvy wicker pieces.

2. Get Some Shag Rugs

Used in the 70s in bold colors, shag rugs in subtle colors have become popular decor items. Due to their long piles and opulent textures, you can use them to create elegant living spaces to relax or entertain. You can choose from wool, cotton, or synthetic materials. Try a shag rug in a tasteful neutral, such as beige, ivory, taupe, or pearl gray, to make your home more appealing. To maintain its beauty, vacuum twice a week and deep clean once every three months. If it’s used by children or pets, clean as often as necessary based on wear.

3. Opt for Gold Accents

Fixtures and appliances in shades of soft gold, which are made with copper or copper alloys like brass, are making a comeback! The color adds elegance to any space and the texture reflects light beautifully. You can also benefit from copper’s antimicrobial feature, which neutralizes many harmful bacteria within a few hours of contact. You have many home ware options to choose from, such as gold toned pots and pans, faucets and sluices, farmhouse sinks, and door knobs. Just make sure to polish your purchase at least once a month to maintain its color and luster.

4. Try Glass Blocks

Trendy in the 40s and 90s, glass blocks or bricks have regained popularity. When compared to a traditional wall, these building materials can bring in a lot more light. These blocks also give you more privacy when compared with regular clear panes. As you’re likely to be able to see outlines through glass block installations, it’s best to avoid using them to separate private spaces, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, from shared areas.

You can use these blocks effectively to update communal spaces such as your kitchen, living room, library, or home office by incorporating them into an exterior wall that gets plenty of natural light or an interior partition near a window.

Choose the comeback trend that suits your style and budget by using what you have learned to shop around. You can incorporate many of these decor ideas without spending a lot of money. Get ready to add some classic flair to your home.