Many couples go to great lengths to ensure their intimacy does not die down. From buying the best sex mattress to using sexy decor in bedrooms, there are several tricks. However, the best way to keep the fire alive in a relationship lies in a couple’s bedtime routine. Here are a couple of tips to help you develop the perfect pattern for you and your partner.

Sleepy Time Routine For Couples

Have Dinner Together

The first thing you should strive to do each day is to have dinner together. During this time, share the meal with your partner without allowing any distractions to get in your way. This means that no phones should be at the table and the TV should be off as well. In dining together, you will connect with your partner and create a more meaningful interaction.

Go To Sleep Together

Ensure that you both finish your tasks and chores before bedtime. When it is finally time to go to bed, do not sleep alone. Wait for your partner to join you. Again, none of you would take your phones into bed with them. The same rule applies to novels and journals (do not take them to bed). Ensure you settle all your thoughts, and no task is nagging your brain. 

Set The Mood

Before you get to bed, ensure that the environment is conducive to sleeping. Dim the lights, make the room warm enough, and focus on your hygiene. No one wants to sleep next to a sweaty person. Wear comfortable clothes to bed; this way, you will not have to move around after you have both settled into sleep.

Discuss The Day

Discussing the day’s events with your loved one is one of the best ways to decompress and sleep without thought or worries. As soon as you get to bed and relax, you could start by asking your partner how their day was and then telling them how yours was. At the end of it all, you will both feel relaxed and ready to sleep.

Spend Bonding Time Before You Sleep

Take some time before you retire to sleep and bond with your partner. Get to know something new about each day, their dreams and aspirations, what makes them tick, and what thrills them. Having that brief bonding session will help you grow closer to your partner and give you a greater understanding of who they are.

Have Sex

Sex has plenty of benefits, and better sleep is one of them. Research shows that having sex before you sleep increases your chances of getting better quality sleep. So if you want to have a great rest often, ensure you include sex in your bedtime routine. 

Words of Love

Before you sleep, remember to exchange words of love and affirmation with each other. Tell your partner how much you love them and why you do. This will help better your relationship and will ensure that your partner goes to bed with a smile.

Follow Your Perfect Routine

Work with your partner to create the best routine which you will follow. While creating your routine, do as many things as possible together. For instance, you could brush your teeth together before going to bed, sit next to each other as you journal, or even take a warm shower with your partner before slipping into your nightgown or pajamas. 

Find An Appropriate Time

Find the best time to go to bed and the perfect time to wake up and stick to it. Maintaining your sleeping pattern is one of the ideal ways to get consistent results from your sleep. Although maintaining a healthy sleeping pattern may be difficult at first, it greatly pays off in the long run! 

Make Your Routine Sacred

The essential step in all this is to ensure consistency in the routine. Stick to it as much as possible since any change may throw you off track. Also, remember that there is no perfect blueprint for your bedtime preparations. Find what works best for you both and follow it religiously. Although It may be tempting to break your sleepytime rules, remember that sleep goes a long way in increasing productivity and good health.