Celebrate the good years of your marriage on your wedding anniversary. Don’t know what to do? Don’t worry! We’ve got your back. Coming up with a plan can be really challenging. We have enumerated the perfect plan that you can follow to make the special day more memorable.

Dinner out

Celebrate the special occasion with a dinner out. Make it special and try to dine in a place with a special meaning to your lives. For example, reserve a table in the restaurant you had your first date. Or, you can reserve a table where you proposed to her. Don’t forget to bring out the best wine!


Show your love through a personalised necklace. Think of a memory that sparks joy in your heart and emboss the date on a necklace. You can also customise a fingerprint necklace, a necklace that can bear your fingerprint so that your wife will always have something of yours with her. Check out a fingerprint necklace UK retailers offer, to see the different options.


If you have some video-editing skills, then this step will be easy for you. No need for extra flair. Take some of the videos you took with your wife and seamlessly edit them together to form a beautiful masterpiece. This will surely get you extra brownie points with your significant other. Highlight some of your best memories together and don’t forget to include family photos.

You can also opt to ask your family, relatives and friends to send in a video of them wishing your wife a happy anniversary. This will really make it special for her.


Of course, you can never go wrong with planning a trip with your wife. Go with your gut and choose one below that you think your wife would love to do the most:

  • Staycation. Who doesn’t love a break? Book a hotel room for the evening and celebrate your love by treating your wife like a princess. Relax and enjoy your time together.

  • Go on an adventure. If both you and your wife love the outdoors, then this might be the one for you. Try an activity you have never done before. Go shark diving, snorkelling, hiking, or zip-lining.

  • Surprise trip. Tell your wife to pack her bags but don’t tell her the exact place you are going to. Whisk her away to a surprise she’ll never forget.

  • Revisit your honeymoon location. Go back to the place where you honeymooned! Relive those days and have some fun. Try some of the things you both didn’t have a chance to while you were there.

  • Vacation with the whole family. You don’t have to make it just about you two. Involve your kids and make it a family affair.

Once you’ve done these, you can relax and just wait for your wife’s reaction. Whatever you’ve planned out, your wife will surely appreciate the attention and effort you have put in to set it up. To be sure, what will matter most to her is that you are always by her side, supporting her and loving her to the best of your abilities.