One-third of Americans have sex at least two to three times a week, which shows we love making love.

Although many people won’t admit it, lacking confidence in the bedroom is more popular than you think. But, luckily, we can prevent this by knowing how to satisfy our partner and keeping the spark in our relationships alive. Perhaps you’re worried you’re not bringing your A-game to the bedroom and you want to improve your skills.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five ways to become better in bed.

1. Study Your Partner

If you want to be better in bed, then it’s important to know your partner and their desires. Regardless of how many books or YouTube videos you watch, not everyone has the same wants in the bedroom, so figure out what drives them crazy.

You should also find out their fantasies. It could be getting intimate in a hot tub or embracing role play, either way, this will guarantee a great night of lovemaking.

2. Make a Date

Whether it’s taking care of the kids or being swamped at work, it’s easy to become so busy then we forget to be intimate with our partner.

But you can avoid this by making a date on the calendar. On the special day, create a sexy space by lighting candles, throwing petals over the bed, and donning lingerie, so you can have an unforgettable time.

3. Talk Dirty

If you’re not sure how to be sexy, then start by talking dirty. This is one of the best sex tips because it gets you both in the mood, whether it’s via smartphone or in-person.

You can talk about your sexual fantasies, how you want to dominate your partner, or a time you once shared a night of passion. And don’t forget to talk dirty while you’re making love too!

4. Do Your Kegels

One of the most important sex tips for women is to do your Kegels. This is where you strengthen your pelvic floor, the area responsible for orgasms. To do this, simply squeeze these muscles for four seconds and relax. Do several sets of 30 every day for best results.

5. Experiment With Sex Toys

Whether you’re looking for sex tips for men or any consenting adult, introducing sex toys into the bedroom is a must. There’s a huge selection you can choose from, depending on your sexual desires. Plus, shopping with your partner will get you both in the mood.

And if there are any issues with arousing your partner, then take a look at supplements to help them.

Become Better in Bed Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you know how to be better in bed.

Make sure you know what your partner wants, talk dirty, and schedule a date so you prioritize your sexual connection. You should also experiment with sex toys to have a memorable night. Have fun!

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