There are many legal firms across the state of Arizona that claim to be the best in the business, but rarely is this statement true. There are lots of firms that claim to deal with criminal cases yet do not have the experience, aggressiveness, or certification to do so.

If you are based in the state of Arizona and are currently dealing with a criminal case such as a sex crime, there is only one firm that you should contact.

With hundreds of not guilty verdicts from jury trials and the most certified legal specialists on the team, DM Cantor is the best legal firm for your needs.

Who Is DM Cantor?

DM Cantor is a leading criminal defense firm that has years of experience dealing with all kinds of cases, from DUIs to more serious offenses such as sex crimes.

There is a reason why you may not have seen DM Cantor advertised in the usual spaces, and this is because they work to the highest standards of professionalism, which is one of the keys to their success.

This firm has the largest number of Certified Criminal Law Specialists, meaning your case will always be in the best hands if you hire them. There are just over 40 Legal Specialists in the state that are certified to handle private cases, and DM Cantor has the largest number of them on their team.

This means no matter what your case is, there will always be at least one specialist fighting in your corner.

Founded by David Michael Cantor, who is himself a Certified Criminal Law Specialist, the firm has developed a great reputation due to their aggressiveness, professionalism, and integrity, which is offered to all of their clients.

They deal with a variety of criminal cases, including DUIs, drug offenses, and sex crimes, to ensure that all your needs are covered.

Prevent The Harshest Sentencing In Arizona

Sex crimes have the harshest sentencing record in Arizona, which means that you need to act swiftly once you have been arrested for a charge like this.

DM Cantor has worked with hundreds of clients just like you and continues to see great success with hundreds of not guilty verdicts being reached in jury trials for sex crimes and other serious offenses. In this state, many sex crimes are given a harsher sentence than those for Second Degree murder which is why DM Cantor works tirelessly to ensure success for their clients.

Lots of cases can be considered a sex crime in this state, and with three legal specialists on the team, DM Cantor likely has worked on them all. With this experience and specialized knowledge of the law in Arizona, sex cases and other criminal offenses have no better chance of acquittal than when working with DM Cantor lawyers.

You can learn more about their work in criminal law as well as the state’s standing on what is a sex crime at their website.

Request A Free Consultation

If you are currently dealing with a sex crime case, then you need to seek legal support. DM Cantor offers a free consultation for new clients, which allows you to see whether they are the right fit for your needs.

With three criminal law specialists on the team, this free consultation can provide you with essential advice on how to move forward. As sex crimes have the harshest sentencing in the state, you must work with attorneys who understand the law well enough to prevent jail time.

Sex crimes and similar offenses can ruin a person’s life as this kind of offense will be on your record forever. With their aggressiveness and high levels of experience, the lawyers at DM Cantor can help you get your life back to normal and experience the freedom you have had so far, no matter what kind of case you are dealing with.

They have the highest success rate in the state and are renowned for their professionalism, making them the best option for all criminal offenses.

Request a free consultation from the team today using their website contact form, and you will be connected to a specialized lawyer who can advise you further.