For most of us, if we get lucky, we can occasionally take a great photo. And if we do by chance take a great photo we are quick to try and remember what we did to get that photo. Chances are we will not remember the steps we took and as a result, it becomes a long time before we take a great photo again. But great photographers like Joshua Manocherian know the fundamentals for taking great photos and they use these this knowledge to take great shots that we all envy. Here is a list of some of the special things they understand and use to take great pictures.

Great photographers have a rare ability to capture a moment in time, with such clarity and focus that it puts us in the picture. We immediately understand what the photographer wants us to understand about that moment and the things in the picture and why he captured it. Here is what they will always do to get the perfect shot.

They pick the right subject – If you look around a room and seek to capture something in it that tells the story of that room, you might have a difficult time locating the subject that represents the room accurately. A great photographer understands what is important and what will translate to a great picture. This talent is mostly natural but can be learned and in any case has to be refined.

They include the right elements in the picture – The composition of the picture meaning all of its elements and how they are arranged is a key element to getting a great picture. It is not enough that the main subject alone is ideal, everything else needs to be as well.

They capture the right moment – It might surprise you to know that some photographers will spend days to get the right picture. They pick the right subject and include the right elements in the picture but things like finding the exact moment for the light and lighting sometimes takes trial and error and if you do not get it perfect, you might have to come back at that same or a different time the following day. This commitment to perfection aids in their getting a great picture.

They understand how to best use light – Photography is defined as painting with light, and many would argue that the single most important element in creating a perfect photo is getting the perfect light for thee shot. Whether it is natural lighting or lighting you being in or a combination of the two, proper lighting in a photo cannot be overstressed. To put it simply, its correct use will define whether things look exceptional. Light is the tools that creates a particular mood within the picture and that bring emphasis to key features within a frame. Light helps create deepness and textures in an image by mixing highlights and shadows. A great photographer is trained in knowing how light intermingles with a setting and how to perfectly capture a scene utilizing this interplay. When a photographer has mastered the use of light, he will likely become a master photographer.

Taking the perfect photo takes time, patience and an understanding of how to take a great photo. If you have the desire to take perfect photos get trained on the fundamentals.