Flowers are one of those things that most females will not buy for themselves. This is why sending her flowers is a great way to show that you care and are thinking about her. Wherever she is, any girl is always happy to receive an elegant bouquet.

Sending a girl flowers can be a great way to show your feelings towards them. Check out our guide here on what to do and not do when sending her flowers.

Flowers are a classic all-time favourite no matter what the occasion. Everyone loves flowers regardless of what they say. A nice bouquet always has an impact to lift up the spirits. You can never go wrong with a classic multi-coloured rose assortment from the best online flower shop Abu Dhabi.

Do’s of Sending Her Flowers

If you have been debating sending flowers to a girl you care about, we have a list of why you should.

Do send her flowers if you recently started dating. If you think this is too soon, it’s not. If you are sweet and thoughtful by nature, then this is a way for them to get to know the real you faster.

Do send her flowers if you feel she might feel the same way romantically about you. Do not forget to include a card that shares your feelings, and you can even share that although you are not sure if they feel the same way about you, you still wanted to share your feelings. Trust us; she will not object to receiving beautiful flowers, especially if she indeed does feel the same way about you.

Do send a bouquet of flowers that is well put together by a professional like sunflowers bouquet. This will ensure that your message is well presented.

Do send a note with your bouquet that is from the heart. Avoid cliché phrases and ALWAYS check for grammar errors. Nothing more distracting than grammar errors when you are reading a note.

Do take into consideration how the flowers smell. Do not be afraid to ask the florist the difference in flower scents and choose your bouquet based on scents. You can’t go wrong with something that is pleasing to her sense of smell with fragrant flowers like roses, jasmine, freesias, and gardenia, to name a few.

Dont’s of Sending Her Flowers

A big don’t is too not keep sending her flowers if you do not hear back from her after the first bouquet of flowers you send her. You want to be respectful of her feelings and time. Sending her another bouquet after not hearing from her will make you look desperate.

Don’t send flowers to someone that you are 100% sure does not like you back. This is going to call for an awkward situation next time you see them. The last thing you want to do is rush into something and scare her away.

Don’t send her flowers if she is already in a relationship. Doing this is not only going to make her stop talking to you, but she is also going to get the wrong impression of who you truly are. Please do not forget to use your judgment because you let your feelings get in the way.

Don’t send flowers to an ex to try to woo them back after they have made it clear that the relationship is over. If you are hoping to at least keep an amicable friendship with her, this is not the way to do it. It will more than likely push her away further.

Reasons to Send Her Flowers

There is a multitude of reasons and occasions to send her flowers. If her birthday is coming up, this is a great reason to show her you are thinking about her. You can surprise her with a flower delivery as work and make her feel extra special even when she is stuck at work on her birthday.

You can also choose to send her flowers on your anniversary. This is a perfect reason to choose the perfect flower for the woman in your life that you love. You can also get creative and send her the same number of stems for the months or years you are celebrating.

If your lady is not feeling good physically or emotionally, flowers are a perfect way to not only show her you care but to lift her spirits up. Get well flowers will always put a smile on her face.

No reason at all and just because bouquets are sometimes the best surprises of all because they are completely unexpected. This is a great way to impress that special lady in your life. Do not forget to include a thoughtful note telling them how much you care.

Do not underestimate the power of sending flowers on holidays. There are various holidays throughout the year, such as Valentine’s day where sending flowers is a perfect choice.

Recent promotion or graduation is another good reason to send her flowers. If she has received a promotion at work, why not surprise her with flowers at work to say congratulations and how proud you are.

Ready to Send Pick Beautiful Flowers to Send?

Now that you are aware of the do’s and don’t of sending her flowers, it is time to decide if now is the right time. If you are ready to send her flowers, which ones will you choose?

If you know her favorite flower, why not choose that as your bouquet if not then opt for her favorite color in your flower of choice. If your lady cares about sustainability, then why not buy her flowers from a local source to speak her love language in the process of gifting her.

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