Frequent cleaning of carpets is mandatory if you are keen on a safe and hygienic atmosphere around you. But, we all know that dealing with such a vast area of your commercial space requires a lot of human effort and up-to-date techniques and processes. Sometimes it’s not just a single floor. You might have carpet spread across each floor of your multi-storeyed building. Just tell us, how are you going to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene manually in all these areas? You shall need something more solid and dynamic to make the flooring shine (and stay germ-free). Yes, we agree there’s your vacuum cleaning machine to help you out. However, we all know that it cleans only the dust and not the settled dirt and grime. So, shall we suggest something? Have you heard about carpet cleaning shampooers?  

Ø One of the best and effective ways to clean the carpet – the cleaning shampooer! 

A carpet cleaning shampooer is a machine that uses a combination of water, liquid concentrated detergent, and a lot of suction to deep clean the surface. It’s a massive machine that does the work well and leaves no dirty area or corner in the whole place. (No matter how vast the space is.) But for using anything, you need to know about it thoroughly.

1. The size and weight of the machine –Normally, a carpet cleaning shampooer is a heavy and large machine. So, you will require a lot of space in your office to store it. Most commercial owners prefer hiring this machine because of these factors. And since it provides deep cleaning of the surface, you need to use it once every few months. That is why hiring it seems most relevant to some of the commercial place owners. Now, it depends upon you if you prefer to store it in your office for the convenience of usage each time you need it or hire it when required. Steamaster offers carpet cleaner shampooer at very affordable charges on a per-week basis if you are interested in hiring it. They even have other carpet cleaning solutions and machines both for sale and for hire. You can check those in detail to ensure your office flooring stays spic and span always.

2. The water capacity of the shampooer –You can hire either a bigger or smaller sized shampooer as per the area of your office. The water capacity of the big shampooer is more since it requires more of it for thorough cleaning. However, a smaller machine will have comparatively less water capacity but, you will have to refill it more often to keep it working seamlessly. 

3. The concentrated liquid cleaner – When you buy a shampooer, the manufacturer provides you with a free sample of cleaning agents to use with it. But the quantity is very less, and you need to get more of it to clean the entire space well. You can check for the innumerable options available in the market and get the one that seems best to you. But, remember to follow the proper guidance provided in the user’s manual on how to refill the detergent in the machine while doing so.

4. The noise issue –When you intend to use the carpet cleaning shampooer, you will have to accept that it makes a lot of noise while working. This noise is even more than the land mowers you use outside. That is why using earmuffs (or similar protection) is essential when handling this machine to clean your carpet.

Apart from it, you should be aware that your carpet cleaning shampooer comes with a long power and wiring extension for convenient usage. And once you hire or buy it, you can even use it to clean the other hard surfaces in the place. In short, this machine is a complete package of convenient and intense carpet cleaning techniques if you know how to handle it properly.