Strengthen Your Bonds with Customers

Boost your sales by boosting the loyalty of your customer base. Cross-selling can enable you to do this effectively by keeping your customers with you by offering them a deal too good to pass up. There are many complementary products that will cross-sell well, such as ink and paper, staplers and staple-pullers, etc. 

When your customer sees one of those items on sale at your competitor, your cross-sell deal won’t allow the customer to be tempted to take their business elsewhere. Adding a social share button to this item will allow the customer to share and promote this item, and in this way, your customer also becomes a part of your sales force.

Stay in Touch with Your Customers

Your customers are buying office products every month and you want them to remember who they buy them from — you. Stay in touch with your customers by reminding them with an email, a tweet, or communication from your preferred platform. 

Make it easy for customers to reach out to you with requests for special orders, new product inquiries, and technical support requirements. Even though your store is online, you can still offer a more personalized experience through regular product offers based on their last purchase. This is the personal touch that is often missing from your large competitors. 

Increase Brand Awareness

Getting influencers to display your products is a great way to increase brand awareness. When influencers have an established audience that knows and trust them, when they mention your products and talk about your brand in their content, you’ll expand the reach of your product. When influencers use your products and mention them in their content, you leverage the relationships they have with their followers and exponentially expand your brand’s presence.

Improve Your SEO Strategy

To be SEO-friendly, include helpful, thorough information that answers questions your target audience may have. You should also fill out all the sections of any social media platform with words and phrases that describe your product or brand. 

A key factor in search engine optimization is link-building. When you have more quality sites linking to your website, search engines see your site as a source of reliable information. When you link to other quality sites, Google views your page as more authoritative. This results in higher SERP results because more authority is attributed to your website. 

You can combine all the above strategies by adding share buttons to individual pieces of content or products on your website. Not only will this increase shares by customers and influencers, but it will also enhance your brand presence online. This enables you to both strengthen your bonds with customers and stay in touch with them at the same time. All efforts to keep your brand top-of-mind with your target market are likely to pay big dividends when it’s time for them to make a purchasing decision.