Nine University is an online educator which teaches its students how to launch their very own Amazon FBA business. Looking into the Nine University reviews that you can see online and across social media, it is clear that students who have completed the course at Nine University have not only enjoyed their time there, but they have also performed very well following the course. It is clear that this course is becoming more popular as the years go on, so much so that it has been featured in many media publications and shows. So what is it exactly about Nine University that people enjoy so much? Using the information found in the reviews, here are the most common reasons that people discuss when talking about their experience.


Something which many alluded to when writing their reviews was the level of support that they are provided with during the length of the course. This is an essential ingredient in any online course because students are learning on their own and whilst self-discipline is required, so too is the support that is offered by the educator. There are many occasions when a student requires help and support and they need to know that they are able to reach out to a mentor or a teacher at all times, something which they clearly get at Nine University.


Launching any business requires real confidence and many of the students who have attended Nine University spoke about their significant lack of confidence that they had prior to studying this course. That lack of confidence was what was holding these people back but thanks to the excellent education that they got at Nine University they have gained the confidence to go ahead and launch a successful Amazon FBA business.

Elite Learning

Something which is often mentioned in the online reviews is that this course is not just about showing its students the basics of Fulfillment by Amazon, they are instead committed to showing its students how to grow elite businesses. They will focus on things like where to find the best suppliers, how to find best selling products and basically how to smash the earning figures, not just how to get involved in the first place.

Success Stories

It is easy to be inspired when you see success stories online of people who have come from very little and turned their business into a highly profitable one online. Some success stories that you see online appear questionable but in the case of Nine University there is absolutely no doubt at all just how much success people can find when they have completed this course. Both social media and the review sites are awash with people who have made incredible figures with Amazon FBA, and that is of course going to inspire more people to follow suit and look to do the same thing.

If you have desires to launch your own Amazon FBA company, this could be a very good course for you to study in order to increase your chances of success.