Did you know that there are over 50,000 storage facilities in the United States? If you are thinking of getting a self storage unit because you’re moving or planning on traveling overseas for the next year, you might be wondering how much this will cost you. In our guide below we share the average self storage costs that come with renting a storage unit.

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Climate Controlled Storage

One option when renting a storage unit is opting for climate controlled units. These tend to cost a bit more because the facility will have both heating and air conditioning in the unit to ensure that your belongings are kept in great shape.

The average cost for a climate controlled storage unit is around $190 per month. The cost varies based on location, how accessible the unit is (drive up), and the size of the unit you choose.

You will need a climate controlled unit for items such as:

  • Computers
  • Antiques
  • Clothing
  • Electronics
  • Artwork
  • Appliances
  • Instruments

The list above is not all-inclusive but all of these items can be damaged easily by extreme weather conditions. All of your items will also be protected from humidity in a climate controlled storage facility.

Vehicle Storage Units

For those that have a vehicle, an RV, or a boat to store there are storage units that have either covered parking spaces or open parking spaces for vehicles. The price for this type of storage will mainly depend on how large of a parking spot you need for your car or boat.

Most vehicle storage units will cost an average of around $200 per month.

10′ X 20′ Unit

If you need to store multiple rooms worth of furniture in your home then this might be the best size for you. You should be able to fit all of your belongings from a 2-3 bedroom home. The cost for a 10′ X 20′ unit is around $179 per month and if you opt for a climate controlled unit it will cost around $217 per month.

Busy cities like San Francisco and New York City will drive the price up to around $400 per month or more.

10′ X 10′ Unit

The cost for a 10′ X 10′ unit is around $107 per month and a climate controlled unit will cost around $126 per month. This storage unit size is perfect for a smaller home or a one bedroom apartment. You should also be able to fit a couple of large appliances as well.

5′ X 10′ Unit

These units are a bit smaller and perfect if you just need to store a few boxes, yard equipment, or a chest of drawers. For those that need a unit to store their belongings to travel abroad for a year or two this or even a smaller unit is usually large enough.

A 5′ X 10′ unit will cost around $65 per month and a climate controlled unit is around $76 per month. A city like Los Angeles will cost almost double (around $149) and a climate controlled unit is around $170 per month.

Most Expensive Storage Place

It might come as no surprise that New York City is the most expensive location for storage units. With plenty of people and a high demand for units the cost can be as much as around $690 per month.

Least Expensive Storage Location

There are a few states that you can save money on storage units because the demand is not as high. These locations include: Oklahoma City, OK, Shreveport, LA, Meridian, ID, and Raleigh, NC. So, if you are looking for the most bang for your buck, one of these states will save you the most money every month.

Factors That Affect the Price

The smaller the unit the more you can usually expect to pay because the major price fluctuation is based on how big or small the unit is. A smaller unit will cost around $70 and larger units can cost around $290 per month.

Something else that affects the pricing is how busy and in demand the self storage company is. Locations that have plenty of empty units tend to charge a bit less because they want to fill up those empty units. In demand locations will typically cost more because they can barely keep an available unit open.

Another factor that impacts the price is the location of the facility. Storage companies that are in the Southwest area of the United States cost around $160.00 and those in the Northeast of the map can expect to pay around $200 per month for their unit.

There are plenty of locations that will also offer specials for new customers. Sometimes they will waive the administration fee, or they might offer the first month for free. Booking the unit online might also save you money because many locations offer online price cuts.

Please keep in mind that most facilities will also charge an administrative fee plus local taxes. Some locations will also add a mandatory insurance fee.

Now You Know the Self Storage Costs You Can Expect

Now that you learned what self storage costs you can expect to pay, you can make an informed decision if you want to rent a storage unit or not. If you choose to move forward with a storage unit make sure that they have great security and that you have insurance to make sure your things are ok while they are stored.

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