While it’s important to buy your partner gifts on special occasions, sometimes it’s nice to treat them to a gift just because. For no particular reason other than surprising your partner, in this article we’re going to share some of the best gift ideas that you should consider! Let’s get stuck in…

1. A vacation 

Whether it’s a weekend city-break or a two-week vacation abroad, surprising your partner with a trip away is an amazing gift indeed. If your partner has been working especially hard lately and is feeling stressed, why not get a special occasion booked? Just make sure that you collaborate with their boss and colleagues to ensure that they will genuinely be able to take the time off and enjoy it absent any stress. 

2. A spa day 

It doesn’t matter what gender your partner is, there’s something really rather special about being treated to a spa day. Traditionally, spa days are reserved as gifts for women, however, a massage and a day of pampering is something that will not only take your man by surprise, but something that he will thoroughly enjoy. 

3. Some lingerie 

There’s never a better occasion to buy your partner lingerie than simply because you want to show them how beautiful they are, and how much you love them. It could be a birthday, it could be an anniversary, or it could be simply because – whatever the case, treat your loved one to some lingerie and you can both reap the rewards later! 

4. Sex toys 

Particularly if your love life has been suffering lately, surprising your partner with some sex toys is a great way to surprise them while spicing things up in the bedroom. Of course, you should be certain that they will be open to the idea. If your partner has expressed an interest, then simply shop sex toys in Australia and find something you know they’re going to love! 

5. A gift hamper 

Gift hampers and baskets are amazing because they are always filled with so many different treats! Whether it’s a cheese and wine basket, a hamper filled with all manner of different chocolates and luxury snacks, or it’s brimming with fancy toiletries, you’ll find no shortage of amazing gift hamper ideas to woo your partner with. 

6. Scented candles 

You can never go wrong with scented candles. You could even go one better by having the scented candles lit, coupled with a hot bath waiting for your partner when they return home from work. This is a great gift and a lovely surprise that will be most welcome after a difficult and stressful day. 

7. Something truly unique and sentimental 

The only limitation is your imagination and there are so many amazing, unique gift ideas out there for you to choose from. For example: something like a custom night sky star map with the constellations on the night that you first met, or a custom-portrait with their face on a regal looking painting. Have fun and be as creative as you like! The more unique and sentimental the gift, the more they’re going to cherish it!