Let’s face it: money is tight for almost everyone these days. Here are some simple ways to step up your personal finance game and save money.

Kick the coffee to-go habit

For so many of us coffee to-go from places like Starbucks or Dunkin-Donuts has become a daily thing. But a latté from your favorite coffee house quickly costs five dollars, and that’s without impulse buys like a donut or granola bar adding an extra few dollars to your total. Still need your daily caffeine fix? Invest in a simple home coffee maker like a French Press and brew your coffee at home, and take it with you in an insulated travel mug.

Meal Plan

Another great way to rack up savings in your daily life is to meal plan. Dedicate each Sunday to sitting down and planning what you’ll eat all week, and then write up a grocery list. Buy everything you need for your entire week of food in one single grocery haul. A list in hand keeps unnecessary buys at bay, and having your week of food planned out will prevent you from ordering expensive take out, and allow you to pack brown bag lunches rather than eating out.

Do you really need cable TV? 

With options like Netflix, Amazon Prime Movies, and Hulu most of us rarely tune into cable TV anymore. In most cases, a Netflix membership will cost much less than your cable bill, so this is an easy switch to cut some monthly expenses. If you prefer to stick to paying your cable bill, you can still look up the best prices on bundled broadband and Cable TV to get the cheapest options to suit your preferences.

Switch up your daily commute

Take a look at the costs that come with your daily commute. Your gas bill is an easy place to save some money if you switch up the way you get to work. Carpooling can be a great way to do your part in helping preserve the environment and saving a few bucks. Another great idea is to use your road to work as a way to get active. Walking, biking and roller-skating are nice low impact ways to start your day expense-free.

Sleep on it

Impulse buys can get expensive fast. Next time you’re out and you see something you like and want to buy, make yourself sleep on it. If the next day you still think it’s a worthwhile purchase, then head back to the store to get it. This works in two ways. Firstly, you’ll stop yourself from buying things you really don’t need, and secondly, your own laziness will probably work in your favor here. Do you really feel like going all the way back to the store just for that cool bamboo toothbrush? I didn’t think so.

Quit smoking

If you’re still smoking, now is a great time to quit. Numerous health benefits aside, your wallet with thank you.

Go vegetarian 

Meat is by far more expensive than vegetarian protein staples like beans and grains. As a bonus, you’ll be saving countless animals each year, and you’ll probably lower your cholesterol too. Becoming 100% vegetarian too much for you? Try implementing Meatless-Monday and see how much you save.

These simple tricks are all relatively easy to implement in your day-to-day life, and they are sure to save you money! My final and golden tip: write every penny you spend down. Keeping track will help you see where your money goes and where you can save. You’ll also be able to see the fruits of your effort when your personal finance hacks start truly saving you money!