Online casinos are so much fun to play. You don’t only get the advantage of playing from the comfort of your home, but you also get the benefits of higher payouts.

You might have played online casino for a while now but I bet there is so much you don’t know about online casinos. Knowing the facts about these casinos may make you a better player and who knows it might change your fortune too. So read on to get some of the surprising facts about online casinos.

Slot Games Are the Most Popular Games in Casinos

Over 70% of casino profits come from slot games. This shows how popular slots games are compared to the other casino games. Slot games are much easier to play and allow users to know the fate of their bets in just seconds.

Also, slot games have more incentives for starters as most casinos offer free bonuses. They also give deposit bonuses and new players enjoy first deposit offers. This is usually a percentage of the first deposit a customer makes.

Today, slot games are readily available and can be played online or in land-based casinos. In both cases, these slot games are powered by computer programs.

Some Online Casinos Have Wanting Customer Service

The most complaints about online casinos are never about cheating. They are usually about customers finding difficulties in accessing one service or the other for instance processing of payments or difficulties in playing certain games.

The bigger problem comes in when casinos can’t address these challenges. Most casinos do not have good customer service. Some Casinos will take a lot of time to respond to your withdrawal concern so that you may end up playing what is in your account until nothing is left.

According to the New York Times, it is important to check the customer service before you decide to sign up with any casino online. The best way to go about it is by contacting the casino through phone, email or via live chat, and ask about their services. The amount of time they take to respond should tell you about their customer support.

Online Casinos Have Loyalty Clubs

Just like the land-based casinos, online casinos have loyalty clubs too. These loyalty clubs are known as slot clubs or players clubs and work more or less like the land-based loyalty clubs.

These slots clubs track your gambling expenditure and frequency and reward you based on it. Some of the rewards you can get include rebates, high rollers, and cash rewards. The high roller advantages vary from one online casino to another so it’s advisable to contact the casino and ask them about it.

The rewards are always given as a percentage of the amount you bet per wager and the number of wagers you make at a particular time. This can be in a particular hour and the number of hours you spend gambling in a day.

Online Casino Signup Bonuses Are Not as Good as They Seem

According to The Sun, online casino signup bonuses are not any good for you, they are just tricks to get you to sign up. Most players get excited about the free signup bonuses but in reality, they put you in a losing situation.

Most online casinos will give you 200% of your stake but will require you to wager a minimum of the bonus plus the deposit before withdrawing. Some casinos, on the other hand, have a wagering requirement of 12X to 50X your deposit plus bonus before you can make withdrawals.

According to Mike Tan from OnlineCasinoGems, “Free bonus games are great, and they can help you come out on top. However, these bonuses do not guarantee wins.” He states further that “Bonuses do not give you any better odds of winning, in most cases, they work against you.”

Online Gambling Is Legal in Some Places and Illegal in Others

Gambling in the US is legal since there are no specific federal laws that ban online gambling. However, according to Forbes, regulations vary between states, so expect the laws concerning the legality of online casino games and poker to vary from one state to another.

Most state laws are enforced on business people rather than the customers. It is illegal for companies to provide gambling services without the required licensing. For customers, it is illegal to gamble online for someone else because it is regarded as similar to running a gambling business.

In some states like the state of Washington, some form of internet gambling is illegal. People are not allowed to play poker for cash. However, no one has to be prosecuted yet because of playing online poker for money.

Some countries have strict rules when it comes to online gambling. One such example is the Middle East where citizens are prohibited from gambling online. In other countries like England, the gambling industry is well-controlled, and people can freely access online casinos and gamble.

You Can Compete with Real People on Table Games

Online casinos provide members an opportunity to play table games against other people. Whether it is baccarat, blackjack or roulette, modern casinos have a platform where you can play against real people. These people are referred to as live dealers and the game feels just like the normal table games you place at the land-based casinos.

To play such games, you will require a laptop that has microphones, a web camera, and a strong internet connection. This is because you will be required to stream live into a studio where there are real people and table games. You will need the microphone to speak with other players as the game progresses.

Some casinos give you the freedom to choose the type of studio room you prefer. The studio could be from your country of choice, whether it is a London-based studio, New York or even Georgia.

Online Casino Facts at a Glance

Indeed there is so much to know about online casinos. From the popularity of the different online casino games, customer service, loyalty clubs, sign up bonuses, legality, and illegality to the ability to play with other players there is so much to know. Understanding these facts will help you make better decisions regarding online casinos.