The first method of enjoying the atmosphere of casinos on the internet was made possible through online casinos. There is a wide variety of games, especially slots. Since you play online slots, there is no limit to the diversity you will encounter online. Slots games in offline casinos make fun noises and have a nice setting of lights and sounds. But as a whole, they are pretty limited in this regard, unlike Gaminator slots, where the limit is the sky. Being online lets you play as long as you want, in the comfort of your own house. The latest technology for sound and graphics means much more fun. The experience is so captivating that you will quickly forget that you are sitting at home.

Currently, casino games are compatible with mobile devices in the vast majority of online casinos, which means that those who like gambling can play their favorite games on their smartphone or tablet. This news is highly appreciated by everyone who gambles and is a good example of how online casinos continue to innovate.

The Beginning of Online Casinos

The story of the online casino, which is not very clear, seems to indicate that this type of game could start in 1994, when Microgaming was founded, the company responsible for providing online games software services to different operators. In fact, this company claims to be the first one to make available a fully functional online casino for gambling enthusiasts. The Gaming Club launched the first mobile casino software in 2004. Other companies have made similar claims, although it is quite difficult to verify exactly which was the first online casino.

InterCasino, owned by CryptoLogic, was certainly one of the first online casinos operating, and still exists today. Regardless of which was the first virtual casino, both Microgaming and CryptoLogic were by far the most popular companies in the first days of online casinos.

In any case, we must point out that both entities have played key roles in developing the technology required to power the games and the systems necessary to process the actions of customers in order to reach the current models. In the 1990s the range of games available was quite limited, and the software was not as functional as in any modern casino.

Considering it was a new technology, however, it turned out to be something impressive. As more and more companies started to get involved, the number of online casino sites increased, and over time developers struggled to create more advanced websites and software.

Development of Online Casinos

The market quickly became much more competitive, with the emergence of new operators, who tried to become the best on the market. The general standard of software available has been upgraded almost daily, and often additional features have been added.

Themed slots and multiplayer games were just a few of the products that helped online casinos grow and become more and more popular among casino gaming enthusiasts. However, there were people who were reluctant about online casinos and the games offered. They were used to play just in offline casinos and all this gaming technology was new for them.

Live casino games are quite common today, but they were a big breakthrough when they first appeared. Players had the opportunity to see the poker or roulette games they could play live with real dealers. Nowadays, many players prefer to play live casino games instead of graphics.

The Future of Online Casinos

At present, Europe is a leader in international online gaming. Both by volume and by industry evolution. The European market is the largest and most developed market, consequently, european companies have an advantage in this sector and gain experience.

Many countries outside Europe regulate their markets and european companies are starting to move and settle beyond the continent, accompanied by their experience in this sector. In fact, the same european market was a good preparation ground for expansion beyond the continent. Because, although Europe is not very large, it includes a large number of countries with large populations and with different regulations, which had to be closely followed by each country.


There is no doubt, online casinos have evolved in a surprising way due to the technological advances made from 1994 to the present. Also, given the changes that are constantly happening in this area, we could say that online gambling and implicitly online casinos will continue to reinvent themselves according to the needs of players and technology.

This makes us wonder: how far will online casinos go in the future? Will such a powerful technology be developed that the homes of gambling enthusiasts will be transformed into a virtual casino? We will receive the answers to these questions in time, as the world evolves, it can be very soon.