One of the most entertaining legal dramas which we have sit hit our screens in the last decade is the brilliant Suits. There were many purists who believed that this was something which was focussed more on the drama than the legal side of things but even the great legal writers like Roger Wolfson have given the show a seal of approval. Suits doesn’t promise to go into the detail of the likes of Law and Order or Fairly Legal, but what it does do is brilliant and here is why it will be remembered as a classic.


The show, or at least the early seasons of the show, are centered around the hiring of Mike Ross, a man who knows all there is to know about the law and a man who has a photographic memory which helps him to be the best, but a man who hasn’t completed his law degree at Harvard. Admittedly the man doesn’t ave a law degree at all, but the focus throughout the show is that he never got one from Harvard. This of course shouldn’t mean that someone can’t become a great lawyer simply because of the fact that they didn’t go to a certain university and the show really challenges that.


One of the biggest aspects of the show which really brings it home is the level of acting that we see, from just about all members. The likes of Meghan Markle, Gabriel Macht and the brilliant Rick Hoffman are what really drives the show forward and even when there is some writing which touches on the cheesy, the quality of the actors is what helps the show to continue to push forward and look great.

Harvey Spector

Harvey is very much the star of the show but what is very special about how he is portrayed is the way that the writers set the whole thing up. In the first couple of seasons Spector is a success man, a loyal pit-bull for Jessica Pearson and a smooth and cool customer. As the show progresses however we begin to scratch beneath the surface of who Harvey is, what is family is all about and we begin to see these layers of his personality which we have never seen before. Those layers add depth to the show and this is why it has been able to continue for as long as it has.


This is such a multi-faceted show and that is why it has become so popular and continued for so long. There are constant threats which need to be warded off, there is the individual lives of the attorneys and there is so many things going on at once that you are always being entertained one way or another.

The TV show Suits is a legal classic which will be remember in the future as one of the best of its time.