There are few places as classy, as well attuned to the finer things in life than Northern Italy. This is the region that gave rise to both the Ferrari and the Lamborghini. It contains some of the most exclusive stretches of crystal blue coastline and some of the most exclusive ski hills. It contains a bevy of Michelin-starred restaurants, and boasts a world-renowned set of cuisines, including some of the finest charcuterie anywhere in the world. And the wine – let’s just say you can spend a handsome amount.

There are fewer places more befitting of a rich person’s travel dollars than Northern Italy. But it’s neither a small area, nor a homogenous one, so the next question you have to ask yourself, naturally, is: where in Northern Italy should you go?

In this article, let’s discuss where to go to maximize the luxury of your Italian vacation, as well as what to pack.

Where to Go

The home base for any Northern Italian trip, the place you’re most likely to fly to and from, is Milan. This capital of Lombardy is not only known as the financial hub of Italy, but it’s also the country’s fashion capital. Naturally, that means there is amazing shopping. The world’s top brands – for clothing, watches, jewelry, etc. – can all be found in Milan, sometimes operating from their flagship location.

From Milan, take a trip to the coast in sunny Cinque Terre. This breathtaking stretch of coastline is dotted with some of the classiest five star hotels, nestled among the seaside towns in the sloping cliffs overlooking the Italian Riviera. Take a boat out and explore the azure waters – you can reach Monaco and France in a matter of hours, if the mood strikes you.

For the true foodie experience, head immediately to the region of Emilia Romagna, which contains some of the country’s finest, and most restaurants. Osteria Francescana, in Modena, was voted the best restaurant in the world, and holds the maximum of three Michelin stars, having gained notoriety for their contemporary, artistic approach to classic Italian staples. Book way in advance, though, because seats are tough to come by.

Finally, explore the more Germanic side of the region in Trentino, far north in the Alps, near the Swiss border. The blend of Swiss Germanic and Italian make for an interesting and luxury-focused culture.

What to Pack

Northern Italy isn’t as reliably hot as the South. Depending on the season, you may experience temperate weather, hot weather or bitingly cold weather. Occasionally, in the fall or spring, you’ll experience a mix of all the above. That means you need to pack materials that fare well in both extremes, like merino wool – if you want stylish merino, you can discover what Unbound Merino has to offer in the way of shirts, boxer briefs and sweaters.

Other than some good merino clothing, be sure to dress the Northern Italian way, with a nice watch, a good pair of slacks and – season permitting – a scarf. Bring deck shoes instead of sandals, and remember to pack plenty of sunscreen.

Whether it’s sunny beaches you prefer, or towering Alpine resorts, Northern Italy contains a luxurious vacation for everyone.