Gettysburg is one of many Historic Battle Sites worth visiting

Whether you are studying a military history degree or you’ve just got a keen interest in the subject, battle sites can be fascinating. While some are ruins with little to no information, others provide a rich journey through time, showing you what went on at the battles and explaining the history behind them. If you are looking for some great battle sites to visit on your travels, here are a few of the best.

Gallipoli, Turkey

Gallipoli is one of the world’s most well-preserved battlefields and the site of Australia’s most famous battle. Gallipoli is now protected as a national park where tourists and Turkish alike come to pay respect to and celebrate the brave soldiers who fought there in World War I. Tours of the site are available from March-October, but Anzacs day is the best time to visit. A must-see on any trip to Gallipoli is the Simulation Centre, which offers 11 galleries that all use 3D technology to take you on a journey of the battle.


Germany may not be a battlefield as such, but if you are interested in war and military history there is plenty to see and study. From Munich, a key site in the rise of the Nazi party and their early triumphs, to museums and relics in Berlin where the Nazi Party fell, or even the Dachau Concentration camp. Germany is a great place for any lover of history to visit.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Gettysburg played home to many fights during the U.S Civil War, the most well-known being the Battle of Gettysburg, which lasted for three full days and saw over 50,000 men lose their lives. If you visit Gettysburg you can still see bullet holes in trees and buildings, and memorials to those who died.

Somme, France

The Battle of the Somme took place during World War I. French and British armies fought against German forces on both sides of the river Somme. More than a million men were wounded or killed, giving it the dubious honor of being the bloodiest battle in history. The battlefield today is a peaceful area in a beautiful location, making it a great place to reflect on what came before.

Normandy, France

The Battle of Normandy is one of the most well-known of WW2. Point du Hoc is where the US forces landed while under heavy fire from the Germans, leading to one of the biggest battles and the allies’ largest invasion of the war. Today, original German fortifications still stand alongside bomb craters. There is also a museum and a memorial to help you learn more about and remember the events of this battle.

Visiting a battlefield, no matter how it looks now can be an emotional experience. But, it can also be a wonderful way of remembering what happened there, putting your own problems into perspective. If you are interested in historic battles, consider an online military history degree, which would increase your knowledge of these and other battles, as well as help you to understand the decisions behind them.

Photo courtesy Doug Kerr on Flickr