There are plenty of advantages to online casinos, not least the convenience of being able to play your favourite games from the comfort of your own home. However, having a variety of different games all in one place is more favourable and means that players don’t need to physically go out and step into a number of establishments (for example a bookmaker’s, a bingo hall or a casino) to get their fix. Somewhere like: has a variety of different games all under one roof and here we will run through the different kinds of online casino games available.

Table games

If it’s classic table games you’re after, online casinos will be able to cater to you – and bonus, you don’t need to wait around for a seat, and there’s certainly no chance of you missing the action due to another player (or onlooker) in your way. 

As well as all the basic games, there are variations too – so if you’re bored of traditional blackjack, why not try your hand at blackjack switch or one of the other innovative versions on offer? As well as American and European roulette, you could have a go at a different form, including one of the many themed variants or even multi-wheel roulette. Or if poker’s more your thing, you’ll find a selection of different games available with differing entry fees and a range of prizes waiting to be won.

Slot games

Slots are the kings of the online gaming world and with good reason – they’re excitingly fast-paced, offer plenty of variety and the pay-outs are frequent. Plus, if you’re playing a progressive slot, there’s a constantly increasing massive moolah jackpot just waiting to be won. The slots games available online are much better than what you’d expect from a brick-and-mortar casino. Online casinos will share its popular or highest-winning slots first, but unlike brick-and-mortar casinos who have to remove the lesser-used machines from their premises, you’re likely to find those kinds of games online if you look (or scroll down) far enough.

Turn up your speakers and enjoy the famous sounds and music of the machines, while keeping entertained by some great graphics and stories – but of course, your eyes will be fixated on the reels in hope of a big win!

Live casino

If you like the atmosphere and experience of setting foot into a brick-and-mortar casino, then live casino games are for you. Rediscover the thrill and enjoy the true experience of Vegas or Monte Carlo from the comfort of your own home, complete with live dealers. Games are available 24/7, with a selection of games ranging from blackjack and baccarat, to the popular roulette and lesser-known sic-bo. 

As well as a range of games, there are a range of rooms designed to suit you, no matter what your stake. Websites even have themed rooms to replicate some of the very best casinos around the world. So if you’ve always dreamed of playing in Macau, but cannot physically get there for whatever reason, now’s your chance!

Video Poker

Video poker was established in the 1970s and soon made its way into the online environment as it could be so easily replicated. Video poker combines the classic casino game five-card stud with the thrill of a slot machine and although some basic poker knowledge is needed when it comes to knowing if you have a winning hand, it’s also great for newcomers to pick up the game quickly. Another advantage of video poker is that the house edge is also very low. There are different variations of video poker, but the most common (and best for newcomers) is ‘Jacks or Better’.


Instant win games are exactly what they say on the tin. From darts, football or horseracing themed games, to scratch cards (keno) and other forms of arcade games – instant wins are popular and great for those who haven’t got the time to play a strategic game.