Deciding to further your education is a great choice if you’re looking to pursue a career in the business world. Here’s a bit of info about the three schools currently holding the top rankings for MBA programs in The United States of America.

Number 1: Harvard

Located in beautiful Boston, Harvard is perhaps the most prestigious school in The United States, and as such, it’s only suitable that it’s MBA program is ranked number one by U.S.News in their official list of top Business Schools. Graduating with an MBA from Harvard University gives you more than just bragging rights: Harvard only takes the best, and has an acceptance rate of just 11 percent.

Attending classes at this esteemed school comes at a high price: the total program cost of an MBA at Harvard University is around 125,000 dollars. However, most all graduates do well in their business endeavors upon completion of the program and a starting salary for a Harvard business grad is around $122,450 a year.

Academics aside, students at Harvard are not just learning from the best, they’re also mingling with the best. Connections and friendships made at this top business school are sure to come in handy throughout the graduate’s entire career.

Number 1: The Wharton Business School at The University of Pennsylvania

Tied at number one together with Harvard in the official U.S.News rankings is the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Despite having a large entering class of 859 students, Wharton is amongst the nations hardest schools to get into, with an acceptance rate of just 20.7 percent. That said, if you do get in, and you complete your MBA, graduates enjoy a very high starting salary of around $125,000.

Wharton Business School is also one of the most expensive schools, so it’s pretty fair to say that the high starting salary only slightly reduces the sting of the total program cost of 141,740 dollars.

Number 2: The Booth School of Business at The University of Chicago

Ranked second by U.S.News is The Booth School of Business. When looking at costs, Booth comes in right between Harvard and Wharton, with students paying 127,960 for the total program. Starting salary averages at around 120,000, which is just barely under what grads from the number one schools are earning.

The Booth School of Business has an entering class of 583 students, and is predominately male, in fact, only 36 percent of the student body is female. Like the other top business schools, Booth is also hard to get into. Out of all applicants, only 23.5 percent get in.

For those looking for the best possible way to rise to the top of the business world, these three schools are great starting points. Whether you find yourself in Boston, Philadelphia or Chicago, if you study hard, your next stop is success.