It’s time to clean out your garage, attic, and storage bins, because that old junk you have lying around might just be worth more than you think. There are actually a number of collectors out there who are willing to pay top dollar for rare collectibles, especially vintage items from the 90s and earlier. Click here to learn more about stores that are willing to pay for these items or connect you with a collector who would be willing to buy them. Because after reading this list, you might just need to bring some stuff in to get professionally evaluated and consider online estate bidding!

1. Old Coins

Many of us have old coins lying around, whether in jars or stuffed away into couch cushions. Other people, perhaps, will have family members who have collected coins and made a hobby out of it. Whatever the case, certain rare coins can fetch a hefty amount of money at auction – take for instance this rare 1794 silver dollar that sold for a whopping $10 million at a U.S. auction.

While you’re not likely to have something this rare, even a gold coin is a great find. This is because you’ll find that when you sell gold coins they will always be worth more than their face value.

2. Old Canadian Paper Money

Not only do people collect coins but they collect paper bills as well. Canadian bank notes with print runs from, 1935, 1937, or 1954, can fetch you a decent amount of cash from a collector.

When trying to determine a bill’s worth consider factors like rarity, quality, and going rate. Take a quick look online to compare prices and see how much others are selling their bills for.

3. Old Toys

Did you ever think that your Polly Pocket toy set would be worth anything today? What about your old Pokémon cards, Hot Wheels, or Kenner Star Wars action figures? From the 70s and even to the late 90s, childhood toys from these periods are becoming increasingly popular collectibles. A lot of this has to do with nostalgia and the fact that these collectors used to own these items when growing up.

Chances are you might just have some of your own old toys hanging around. Before tossing them out or handing them down to a kid, check online first to see if you actually might just have something that would be of value to a collector.

4. Unused Gold Jewellery

Any item you have that has precious metals in it like silver and gold can be worth more than what you originally paid for it. So if you have old jewellery hanging around that you don’t mind parting with, this is the time to get them appraised to see what they are made of.

5. Antique Pocket Watches

On a similar note as jewellery, pocket watches with precious metals can be worth some money. You should also consider other factors like its jewel count, serial number (how old it is), manufacturer (who made it), and its condition.

Hopefully this list has given you a general idea of what to look out for when clearing out the clutter from your home. Don’t forget to always do your research and make sure that you go to a buyer that you can trust.