Mazda has established its reputation for delivering vehicles that perform like ones offered by luxury automakers for a fraction of the price, and there’s no Mazda that embodies this more than the Mazda3. It turns out there are good reasons why this car is perpetually the automaker’s most popular.

Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture

In what is sure to please all Mazda fans, the car maker has combined its patented Skyactiv technology with its most cherished car — the Mazda3 is now available with a particularly evolved form of Skyactiv technology. The basic idea is simple: the car effortlessly responds to your every intention behind the wheel.

The execution is sophisticated, though. Mazda has designed everything about this car, from the transmission to the chassis, to be responsive and efficient. You’ll feel pleasure from the way the car hugs turns, while remaining in disbelief about the fuel economy.

New for this year’s model is also G-Vectoring Control Plus (GVC Plus), which improves handling and braking. Whether you need the car to go faster or to stop altogether, it’ll be intuitive and more comfortable for you and all your passengers. Technology like this fulfills the manufacturer’s human-centric car philosophy, “Jinba Ittai,” the Japanese phrase translating to horse and rider as one.

If you’re considering buying one of the world’s most popular vehicles, the Mazda3, you can get a new car today at Yorkdale Dufferin Mazda knowing that the features which initially made it such a beloved model were only added to and improved upon.

Quiet Cabin

Sometimes we have no choice but to drive through busy downtown cores, and getting stuck in gridlock is never a whole lot of fun. But the new Mazda3 boasts the automaker’s quietest cabin, which reduces unnecessary road noises while keeping a satisfying purr of the engine.

This helps inspire a calm feeling as you drive, and creates the perfect conditions in which to enjoy your favourite music through strategically located Bose speakers. Whether the music is turned up or down, the bass notes and high frequencies will ring clear and true.

Technology Made Easy

The Mazda Connected feature in the 2019 Mazda3 was redesigned so that now it’s never been easier to get the information you need, quickly. You can also access your smartphone’s music, and easily and safely use it for phone calls, texts, emails, and mapping while driving.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto creates a modern experience. Keeping linked to your phone while in the car is extremely easy.

Advanced Safety

The Mazda3 is available with a suite of advanced safety features known as i-Activesense. Keeping you, your passengers and everybody on the road safe has never been easier: you’ll be alerted to road hazards so you can avoid collisions, or lessen their impact when entirely unavoidable.

Combining time-tested features with a range of modern technology that makes this car more exciting, safer, and entertaining, fans of the old Mazda3 are sure to love the new model even more.