From the moment that we learn to drive a car and onwards, we are constantly reminded about the importance of safe driving in order to avoid accidents. In fact the reason why we have so many laws regarding driving, is in order to help us to avoid accidents, as well as minimizing the damage when accidents occur.

Driving collisions are much more likely in this day and age, thanks to the sheer volume of cars on the road. Owing to this, car manufacturers everywhere invest a great deal of time and money into ensuring that their cars have a number of safety features. Whilst we all know that car accidents can happen, few of us really understand the consequences of such an event, let’s take a look in more detail.


The biggest consequence with a car accident is of course the initial damage to the car itself. Depending on the type of collision, the speed of the accident and the type of car which is being driven, damage can range from a few scratches to a complete wreck. The damage which your car suffers will likely be covered by your insurance, but this still means that you could be without your car for some time, you will have to pay a potentially hefty excess and despite the quality of mechanics, your car will never be the same again.


The most important reason why you ought to drive safe and avoid accidents is in order to avoid injuries to yourself or the other driver, or worse still the death of someone in the car. Road traffic collisions do cause deaths and not always because of the speed of the collision, some people have lost their lives as a result of a collision at just 30mph. If you get hurt in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, it can leave you with lasting injuries, forced to take time off work and can also cause a great deal of emotional trauma. Far too many people connect their reckless driving with the potential of causing a death, until it is too late, drive safe and don’t be one of those people who drives without care and attention.

Legal Proceedings

Something else which few people consider when they drive without care, is the legal trouble which they can get themselves into if the fault of an accident is theirs.  It is not uncommon to hear of people who have injured or killed people in an accident, that have lost their jobs as a result of the legal process, and in some cases lost family as a result. The emotional turmoil alone will be hell if you are guilty of causing such an accident, and that is before you consider the logistics such as your work, being banned from driving and even potential prison time.

Driving sensibly is so important in the world that we live in, both to keep you and other road users safe.