Lifting your vehicle can be a great way to improve the driving experience. A lift can help you take on more terrain and even ford waterways. However, not all lift kits are made the same. If you are interested in buying a Jeep Grand Cherokee WK lift kit, there are a few great options available for you to choose from.

Finding the Right Lift Kit for You

Before selecting a lift kit for your Jeep, it is helpful to think about what you want from a lift kit. All lifts will increase the height of your vehicle. However, they don’t all achieve this in the same way.

Some lift kits modify the suspension and others raise the body over the frame. The former is often preferred by off-roaders because it helps to improve the ground clearance of the vehicle. Conversely, body lifts only change the aesthetics of the vehicle and create space for larger wheels.

Both types of lift kits for Jeeps can be worth buying. Body kits and simpler suspension kits tend to be significantly less expensive than complete suspension overhauls. Plus, they are easier to install. So, many people like them. One common option is to combine some new suspension components with a body lift. This helps you get a higher vehicle at a reduced cost.

Three of the Best Lift Kits for Jeeps

The following are some of the best lift kits available for the Jeep Grand Cherokee WK generation. Each offers some unique advantages over the others.

1. MOPAR Lift Kit With Shocks: This four-inch lift is a complete suspension overhaul kit. It will give you the most lift out of any of these options (four inches in a lot of extra height). However, it is also the most expensive option. MOPAR is a solid choice for brands. If you want to completely change the way your vehicle ride, this is the choice you should go with.

2. Teraflex Budget Boost Lift Kit: Alternatively, you may want a simpler option that can be had for a lower price. This two-inch lift kit works by spacing your suspension further away from the frame. It will not give as substantial of a lift, but it is much easier to install compared to the MOPAR.

3. Rough Country Spacer Suspension Lift Kit: This Rough Country suspension lift kit works similarly to the Teraflex kit. It is available as a 100% bolt-on option and takes about three hours to install. Many Jeep owners are surprised by how similar the ride quality is compared to the factory configuration, while still having the increased height.

Order Your Lift Kit Today

Discover more about Jeep Grand Cherokee WK lift kits today. With the right lift, you can enjoy an increased ride height and the benefits that come with it, including a more aggressive look, the option for larger wheels and better ground clearance. This is one of the most popular modifications for Jeeps including Wranglers and Cherokees. Order a lift kit and get started on installing it. You could be hitting the trail in a lifted Jeep sooner than you think.