Car insurance prices can fluctuate wildly, and whatever rate you’re paying now is probably not the lowest you could get. Understanding how insurance companies calculate quotes will help you keep your costs down. You would be surprised by some of the things that could affect your insurance rates positively or negatively. You may also be surprised by how simple it is to cut your rates. Let’s take a look at some of the things you could do right now to drop your car insurance rates.

Build a Second Garage

If you own multiple family vehicles and are storing some of them outside, know that you may be paying more on your insurance. However, insurance companies usually charge you less if you store your vehicle in a closed garage. This is because there’s less chance it will get vandalized or damaged by the elements. So, if you have always wanted to have a second garage built and also want to save on insurance, now could be the time to make the jump.

Become an AARP Member

If you’re over 50, we can’t think of a reason why you shouldn’t be an AARP member. They get so many perks, from free financial advice to dental and vision insurance for $16 per month. You can also get lower quotes on insurance by signing up for an AARP car insurance deal. Companies that offer AARP car insurance deals usually also have courses and programs that you can complete to show your competence as a driver so you can cut prices even further.

Let Them Spy on You

This one is a bit of a sensitive topic since not everyone likes the idea of a company gathering data on them. But if you want to save, then it would be a good idea to enroll in a drive and save program offered by many insurance companies. They will install a tracking device and look at your driving habits. Of course, you will be important to drive responsibly during that time so you can enjoy better rates.

Shop Around

There is no point in staying with an insurance company all your life without at least looking at what’s going on elsewhere. It would be best if you didn’t settle for the first deal you get either. Instead, flex your purchasing power and see what you could get on the market. Return to your insurer with a few quotes and use them as leverage. If they don’t want to negotiate, you can leave, but make sure that the new company is reputable and that you’ll get similar benefits, especially regarding deductibles.

Increased Deductibles

Speaking of which, you should also see if you could increase your deductibles. We wouldn’t advise this only if you have a very cheap vehicle. In other cases, it almost always pays to pick a higher deductible. You’ll get a discount instantly, so consider the option.

Dropping your insurance costs can be easy. You have to learn how insurance companies work, and don’t be afraid to negotiate with them.