Insurance companies make it hard for truck accident victims to get justice. In some cases, insurance companies refuse to settle a truck accident claim and instead prolong the issue by forcing you through an expensive process. Unless you know how to navigate this process, it can be difficult for victims like you to get the settlement they need. It is worth it to know and understand why insurance companies refuse to settle truck accident claims.

6 Reasons Insurance Companies Refuse to Settle Truck Accident Claims

1. Slowness of Evidence Collection

Insurance companies are risk-averse. It means that they are in business to minimize their losses and exploit opportunities to save money. Therefore, they will often try to identify areas one could argue the facts are not clear and get the case extended by submitting a request for more evidence.

2. Unrealistic Settlement Amounts

Insurance companies refuse to settle based on how much they can get out of you in court. For example, if they feel it is more cost-effective to continue with the case and pay you nothing, they will instead demand that you be satisfied with a cash settlement. If you don’t accept their offer, they will wait until another case presents itself.

3. Insufficient Evidence

Insurance companies often wait until the last minute to drop your claim, citing insufficient evidence. They do this to make you accept the lowball offers to avoid a long and expensive court process. For insurance companies to decide if they will settle your claim, they will lay out the facts of the case and see how likely they can win in court against you.

4. Uninsured Truck Drivers

Since most insurance companies do not pay for uninsured truck drivers, it is difficult for victims of truck accidents to recover the compensation they deserve. If you are a victim of an accident caused by an uninsured driver, it is best to get a lawyer and settle the case as soon as possible. You must obtain a lawyer who knows how to navigate this process.

5. Excessive Claims

Insurance companies are very risk-averse. They will try to avoid lawsuits by paying out large settlements with small claims. For example, suppose an accident victim sustains some minor injuries but does not lose an arm. In that case, the insurance company may settle the claim entirely and pay them a large amount of money without knowing the potential loss of revenue and legal fees should the case go to court.

6. Poor Litigation Skills

Insurance companies hire exploitive lawyers who know how to manipulate and exploit the weaknesses of many cases and claim that there is no evidence for your case. They are looking for loopholes that will allow them to prolong your case by arguing the facts of your case from every angle possible, including dismissing it entirely. These tactics force you to continue with a process that can take years and lead you to financial ruin. You may not get settled.

It is essential to know your rights and how to prevent insurance companies from getting away with denying you the justice you deserve. It is recommended that you get an attorney who is up to date with the latest tactics used by insurance companies against victims like you. In most cases, insurance companies will not drop your claim until they know there is no way for them to win against you. Good truck accident lawyers know how to identify these traps, without allowing them to drag out your case for a long time.