Spring is coming! And with spring comes the time to quit hiding under dark and bulky winter clothes, and to let your spring wardrobe shine. Here are some tips for any woman looking to freshen up her spring style:


Don’t you love it when fashion and function come hand in hand? Scarves allow you to fight off the chill that sometimes lingers in the springtime, whilst brightening up your outfit. Do put away the wintery knit ones though, and exchange them for light, airy, statement makers. Think of silks, linens and other light materials when shopping for the perfect spring scarf, and look for floral patterns, or watercolor inspired prints.

Show some ankle

A great way to bring your favorite jeans from winter to spring is to simply cuff them. By folding over the bottom of the pant-leg, you’ll create a feminine, fresh look, that works for women of all ages. Take this look to its maximum potential by donning some colorful ballerina flats, or some cute kitten heels.

Switch out your color pallet 

During the winter months we tend to default to darker colors, and now is a great time to rotate in the lighter colors and pastels. Minimalism is a great trend to embrace here, just make sure to look for items that fit well and flatter your figure.

Refresh your hair and makeup routine

Highlighting your hair does wonders to brighten up your look! Stick to a color a few shades lighter than your natural color, and have your hair stylist apply the color with a light hand, focusing the delicate highlights around your face for a natural, sun-kissed appearance.

When it comes to make-up, look for peachy or pink blush, liquid highlighters, and brown mascara rather than black. The idea is to create a look that appears effortless, yet fresh.

Embrace the jean jacket

A clear spring day will have you itching to bring out your favorite sundress from its winter retirement, but chances are the wind is still a bit chilly. This is the perfect time to throw a light colored jean jacket over your dress! Not only does the jean jacket add the ‘cool-factor’ to your flirty spring look, it will also keep you warm. And if the sun really starts to heat up your day, tie the jacket around your waist for a laid back, but fashion forward look.

Trade the puffer jacket for a trench coat

Put your winter puffer jacket in the ‘see you next winter’ pile, and invest in a trench coat! This versatile jacket is sure to carry you through the chillier spring days, and it’ll work for you throughout fall too. Feel free to play with color here, you don’t have to stick with the traditional khaki color. Light pink, white, grey and all shades of nude do well and will look great paired with almost anything. As a bonus, trench coats do a great job at flattering all body shapes!

Nothing says ready for spring like a fresh new look! With the tips above in mind, you’re sure to be walking with a confident bounce in your step.