Did you know the number of Americans renting is at a high since the 1960s? Whether you prefer the convenience of renting or don’t have a down payment saved to buy, you’re definitely not alone if you’re starting your apartment hunt.

But how do you know which Pembroke Pines apartments to choose out of everyone with availability? Sure, you might know the number of bedrooms needed and have a specific budget and location.

But apartments even in the same area and price range can vary widely in their amenities. Sorting through the apartment amenities is a lot of work itself, especially since some of them are just nice to have. 

Read on for a list of 11 essential amenities in apartments you should look for in your hunt.

1. Reliable, High-Speed Internet Access

Whether you need it for work or to enjoy streaming video, you should look for an apartment with fast and reliable internet access.

Your complex might offer free wi-fi throughout the community areas. You might get complimentary service to your apartment unit too.

Even if your apartment complex will charge for internet access, find out which service provider you’d have and what the fee would look like. You can do some research online to make sure you won’t get stuck with an internet service provider that gives you headaches.

2. On-Site Laundry

Want to avoid the hassle of driving to a laundromat when your clothes get dirty? Then on-site laundry will be one of the most essential apartment amenities for you.

Complexes might have a laundry facility you share with other tenants. Even better, they might provide a washer and dryer hookup in your unit. For the latter, find out if they provide the appliances since you’d otherwise need to add them to your budget.

3. Sufficient Parking Facilities

Unless you rely only on public transportation, you’ll need to make sure the apartment has enough parking spaces. Not only do you have to be concerned about enough spots for the residents, but you also need to consider busy weekends when people invite friends over.

Check out the complex’s availability of surface parking spots and any additional garage space. Also, find out if the place has any rules on the max spots per unit.

4. Security Features

Whether you live alone or with others, you’ll want your apartment to have a secure entry to keep the bad guys out. You should also consider amenities like security alarms, video surveillance, and even keyless entry.

It also helps to look for a place that has security present around the clock. That way, you have someone to quickly reach if you see something suspicious.

5. Fully Equipped Kitchen

Unless you have kitchen appliances to bring along with you, you’ll want to look for an apartment that gives you a full kitchen. Not only should this include a stove, garbage disposal, and fridge, but you should have a dishwasher for more convenience. 

Some complexes may even offer luxury appliances made of stainless steel or those with smart features.

6. Heating and Air Conditioning

If you live somewhere that gets both hot and cold, add heating and air conditioning to the list of amenities you need. Some apartments might only include heating if the location is more moderate, and this can leave you running for a fan or the pool in the summer.

You can also consider looking for places with central heating and air conditioning. That way you don’t have to worry about running space heaters or a window unit.

7. Recreational Options

To make living at your apartment more enjoyable, you’ll want to find a place with at least some basic recreational options like a pool and space outside to barbecue. You’ll also find places that have walking trails and tennis courts too.

Luxury apartments like Godrej nurture Electronic City even offer a dance academy, music room, jogging track, and bowling alley among amenities included.

8. Pet Friendliness

Do you have a four-legged, furry friend? Then make sure to add pet-friendliness to the apartment amenities you must have.

Complexes often allow at least one cat or dog, but some ban pets entirely or allow just cats. Find out which pets are allowed and any specific rules and fees involved.

9. Nearby Public Transportation

If you don’t drive and don’t live in a walking neighborhood, finding an apartment near the bus or subway line will pay off. Not only can you easily get where you need to go, but you’ll spend less time walking in the elements.

10. Elevator Access

Unless you live on the ground floor or don’t mind the exercise walking up the stairs, having elevator access will be something you won’t regret.

It will make your move-in process easier than having to carry furniture up the stairs. It will also save you time and hassle when you start making trips to haul home your shopping bags.  

11. Extra Storage Space

While apartment living has its benefits, not having enough space is a common complaint. Sure, your unit might have walk-in closets. But you might have a tiny studio or one-bedroom apartment that just won’t suffice for all your stuff.

Luckily, you can find apartments that offer you an on-site storage closet or allow you to share a basement with others. Not only can you keep more of your stuff, but you can possibly avoid paying to rent a storage unit too.

Start Looking for These Essential Apartment Amenities

This list of amenities should give you some ideas that help you narrow down your options. But keep in mind that which apartment amenities are essential for you can vary based on your preferences.

For example, if you drive, you might not care much about public transportation access. Similarly, you might not care about parking if you just take the bus.

You might also find other amenities that are important to you. For example, some apartments offer tanning salons, package delivery services, cafes, and even entertainment centers.

Now that you know which apartment amenities you need, check out our other home blog posts for more ideas!